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Gulten was something of horror
Hello, I am a 25-year-old single person. My name is Orhan . I would like to
share with you my adventure with Gülten, who came to our neighbor 3 years ago
Gülten was around 32 years old, a fishy brown
haired woman. She was married. Her husband was also a very good person.

But Gülten was like fire. Sometimes, when her husband was not at home, she
would call me to change the place of things .

One day, while I’m making plans on how to fuck this woman who has been my dream
, won’t she call me?” He said, “Can you check our broken phone through the window.”
I went inside, it was already early in the morning, he must have fucked that night so it was
obvious that he had just taken a bath . The
bruises under his neck showed this.

While she was showing the phone cable, when she reached behind the window, she
showed her sweet pussy in her flowery underpants, twisted. But I
couldn’t touch it. Because I was wondering about her reaction. I wonder if she is conservative

I was always afraid of how he would greet
me. It would be strange when his breasts were rubbing against me as he passed by. I would take my breath away in 31 sighs
. It was the beginning of spring, that is, last year, when he was dismantling the stove
, he called me again for help.

Of course, she still didn’t have a skirt and she was wearing a pink dotted underpants.
But her eyes and condition were so clear that this time I would definitely
touch her. I was watching
everything from the bottom while she was unplugging the pipe on the chair. I had my hand ready
. He touched my dick. That’s what I was waiting for. All of a sudden his
face turned red.

I was frozen. Neither of us were speaking. And it was as if a force was forcing my hand
to your pussy. I threw my hand on your pussy, I started to caress the outside
of your underwear. It was quiet, what are you doing, he said quietly. I said I want you too,
no one will know, don’t be afraid, I said and hugged tightly standing up

She had already started to moan. I had fucked a few other times but this was something else. Everything was on fire. Her breasts
were like hell on fire.
We collapsed on the floor, after a while she pulled me towards
her bedroom. I was fucking her in the bed she was tasting with her husband.

What a pleasure. When I saw her pussy, I started to lick it tight . I sucked it nicely. I
was biting the tip of her nipples. I can’t even describe her lips. If
her husband was divorced, I wouldn’t mind marrying him at all. He was so fuckin’ and cock-

When he threw it on her breasts, he sighed with his last breath . And I got
dressed right away. But I fell in love with him. I
can’t go to his house anymore because it would attract attention. I just meet outside and just caress
. What I wouldn’t give to fuck again

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