[embed][/embed]Ever since I was little, I have a very big crush on my aunt . I always dreamed about how I could squeeze her. Last summer, while we were sorting beans on the balcony, I got in touch and sat right across from her. And she had a red hair, it made me mad. I would go home immediately and be 31. A few days passed, I went to live with my aunt again. There was no one at home and she was removing her hair with an epilator. She said come inside , I entered naturally, and then she asked me if I could not reach the back of her legs and I said I don’t know, but I said we ‘ll try. Then he handed the machine to me and said, “Do it slowly, so I won’t suffer . I was like crazy and did exactly what you said, and It was like a tight squeeze. It looked like it was going to jump out of the door, but I still finished cleaning the hair without doing anything. When my aunt saw my shield, she said no, did you lift me up, and I suddenly said no, I was contacting a woman for the first time, of course she got up naturally ; Then he said to me, don’t you have any hairs , let’s get them too, I said, I don’t have much, let’s see, he said, I was afraid to leave it at first, but then I took it out, my aunt said. I laughed and the room laughed. Anyway, this took the epilator slowly, I started shaving with the vibration of the machine, I felt like I was going crazy, and I said enough is enough, my aunt realized that I was going to ejaculate and immediately took it into her mouth. I was surprised because I never expected anything like that from him, but it was a perfect thing, because it was always a dream. I didn’t put my wound in her mouth . My aunt called it speed, I said I couldn’t stand it. Now it’s your turn , he said, lick mine. I said right away. but there was some hair in her pussy, I immediately took the machine and started to remove the hairs. then it was clean. and it was crimson. it had just filled up. This was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Then he said come on, I acted a little shy at first . Then I started to cuddle, after licking a little, the room was empty, so I said, you are no different from me, you are empty right away. the room smiled. My tightness was lifted again and he was ready to get inside. You slowly put the head of my wound on your pussy’s lips, I was walking inside with slow steps . I was taking both feet on my shoulders and doing leg shoulders . I was advancing slowly until you smelled it. Then we changed positions lying side by side and continued to giggle. When my aunt said ooohhh ooohhhh ıııhhhhh ıııhhhh ı was going crazy. slaps his butt with one hand. I was pushing the butt hole with the index finger of my other hand . My aunt said it wouldn’t be there, I said why not, it’s a forbidden zone. But I said you will give it to me, she said it wouldn’t happen again. I even put my two fingers in her butt hole, then my aunt ejaculated again and I was so soaked . My aunt was in May and she leaned her head on the pillow. I was still squeezing her pussy and the butt hole had reached the point where it could take my dick. I took my dick out of his pussy and put my dick on his dick hole and suddenly loaded. He snapped his head and threw himself forward . I grabbed him by the waist and slowly nudged him and thrust the whole of my dick into my wound. Then I suddenly started to accelerate. My aunt was screaming like crazy and begging to be free now. finally gotune ogle i exploded like a firefighting fort

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