[embed][/embed]we stayed in the girls’ dormitory Trying to warm up in the cold dormitory of the school, we could n’t do anything but shiver because the calibrators were broken. The principal of the school was trying to fix this, if we spent the night here we would die of cold. the girls’ dormitory caliphers are on fire, while they stay in a hot environment, our luck was cold. The principal began to distribute all male students to different dormitories and institutions. Lastly, me and five friends remained. He told us that I would stay in a girls’ dormitory for a week and that he chose us because we were master children, and that he did not want to have any problems. We took an oath to understand what a blessing we were placed in in the cold, and set off. In the girls’ dormitory, the rooms were for four people, my friends settled in. To me There was no room left, when I was sad, the lady guard said that I would stay in the rest room where the guards were staying, that if I didn’t go to bed early at night, we would have a conversation and it would be okay. I immediately jumped in, said I would not sleep until late at night . The room consisted of a single large bed and a closet, and the staff had a small bathroom for showering. I packed my things, decided to undress and meet again with hot water. I took a shower and got wet for minutes under hot water. I started to relax well, I was already tired. I took the shampoo and rubbed it nicely on my penis, and in a few minutes I started to feel satisfied. I always thought of someone while satisfying myself . At that moment, the caretaker lady came to my mind. Blonde fish meat 33-34 She was a very beautiful woman with green eyes. Thinking about it, I began to satisfy myself. A few minutes later, just as I was about to arrive, I suddenly felt the door open. Someone had entered the room and must have seen what I was doing in the shower stall. I wasn’t in the mood to stop anyway , I was empty after a few tides. I accelerated a lot, put one of my hands on the wall and started to ejaculate like crazy, pushing my hips forward. The silhouette outside the shower stall was getting closer and watching me, I pretended not to notice . I said the name of the caretaker with a small groan. I turned on the water, thoroughly cleaned. I opened the door towards the room, just pressing the face towel to my face . As if drying my face, pretending that there is no one inside I would. I came out naked, drying my face with my hands. After a few steps, I took the towel off my face. The caretaker was on the cot, crossing her legs and smoking a cigarette. I closed in front of me as if surprised, I said sorry , my face turned red, the guard woman laughed. “Isn’t it my right to see something that comes out of my name calling out my name a while ago?” she said. I was playing the innocent boy too . I said I didn’t know you were here and bowed my head, pretending to be embarrassed. He got out of bed, reached for the towel and slowly took it down. Mine had turned to stone again. He grabbed my balls and pulled me towards him while rubbing me in his palms. My dick was like a screw but I didn’t look up, I continued my embarrassed role. He put it in his mouth, went back and forth a few times, then got up, said you get dressed, I’ll bring our bitches to bed and come. I didn’t say anything, I just stood up and kissed his lips. I slapped him on the hip and said come on , be quick. It was my turn to make him mad… I put on my bathrobe and sat on the bed. I was smoking and grazing off the vodka and chickpeas in my bag. After 2 hours, the whole dormitory was asleep. He turned off the lights and turned on a nightlight as he walked through the door . He came and sat next to me. He made me spread my legs and buried his head. He made me huge by sucking and licking all my manhood . He was so skillful that I almost ejaculated, he stood close to my full ejaculation and squeezed his head and my penis went down. again a few once did. I was like going crazy. I was rabid to keep approaching the pleasure of ejaculation . I slowly undressed my woman. I went around his neck with my tongue first, sucking on his earlobes. I licked her breasts for minutes, I liked her moans and irritability. I was making love so slowly and kissing and licking so long that the water was pouring out now , but it was my turn to rage. I was inclined to womanhood, I found her hair among the hairs. I grabbed it with both my lips and started sucking it with my tongue. She was trembling, when she got too close to ejaculation, I pulled away, just laying on her, just enjoying the weight of my body, trying to ejaculate by opening and closing her legs. wait and request I was re-sucking near decreasing, I drove him crazy like he drove me crazy. But my goal was not to drive him crazy, but to fuck him until morning. I said you want it tough . He shook his head, biting his lips and saying yes, I immediately settled down between his legs, leaned his head, and suddenly loaded with all my might. He only got half of it, and his eyes were wide open, he was biting his lips, his nails dug into my back. His stomach started to rise and fall, as a result of my sudden entry and long agony, he was contracting and ejaculating. As if he was peeing, his water started to flow out of his pussy. In my wound, we were sliding into it as if it was sucked, our lips were stuck and we were exploiting each other. Woman when I’m all inside He said to my ear, “No one has emptied me in a single bite like this, fuck me until the morning, please.” I immediately started pumping with all my might. The walls of her pussy were wrapping my dick like a hand. It was great. I went back and forth in the missionary position for an hour . It broke out into screaming over and over. I was punished for sending two mails and I could not ejaculate. While he was all in it… My woman got on top of me and took my cock. He was trying to ejaculate me by bouncing up and down on top of me, while I was squeezing and squeezing his beautiful breasts. Feminine juices flowing from my penis were wetting the bed . It was accelerating, discharging, starting again, it was incredible. I realized that I was getting close to ejaculation, I said dear, I will ejaculate. into me she said, ejaculate, i want to feel hot hot. He started to get up and down faster , pressing his hips. It was like an oven inside, and I started to have contractions. My pre-fluid was coming out of my dick. I also started to beat according to the golden rhythm . He lay on top of me as he started to ejaculate in full contraction. Our lips connected as we poured into him, kissing me. I was involuntarily moaning, and the room started to empty at that moment. Our waters were flowing at the same time. My ejaculation was never ending, he was moving his hips around in his cunt, which was driving me crazy. While she was completely inside, she lay on top of me, squeezing her hips with my hands. The ejaculation was about to end. I parted her hips with my hand and put my middle finger in your ass. I touched your hole. Inhhhh said. He said, ‘ Don’t go there, even my husband didn’t go in. As if I hadn’t heard, I slowly started to draw circles in his back hole. He was biting his lips, enjoying himself. Before my dick went down, it hardened again. Excitedly, I slowly inserted my middle finger into her asshole . It was very narrow, it was shaking itself as you entered it millimeter by millimeter. I turned it in the dog position, gently pressed it against his asshole, but it wouldn’t go in. I was stroking his cunt with one hand and squeezing his hips with the other, but it was not possible, it was too tight. I immediately took the shampoo at the head of the bed and applied it to my dick . I fed it into the back hole with my finger, he was very excited, he couldn’t stay still, he said slowly and slowly. I just stuck your head in the hole. She screamed, tears welling in her eyes. He said I don’t want to stop , but I never listened. I pulled myself towards myself with all my might. She screamed with the pounding of my balls . It was warm and very tight and cramped. I immediately started pumping, crying and sobbing while fingering her cunt from the pleasure she got, after a few minutes it turned into pure pleasure. With grunts… I pumped so fast that her breasts were pounding against each other. He said I wouldn’t change your fuck on anyone anymore. I fucked her ass and pussy for minutes. I wanted to make the finale to the mouth, it was already dawning. I came out of your ass and I want to cum in your mouth. I said dear, he came immediately and like crazy He started to exploit it, I was holding it by the hair and pressing it. I started to ejaculate a little, it was great, he didn’t waste a drop, he licked it. Then he got dressed. It was already morning and I was dead from exhaustion. He said, “Rest until the evening, adore you, I’ll fuck you, you’re going to pass out.” It was evening and I was having a bath and reading a magazine. He entered the room with an 18-year-old brunette girl with orange-like breasts. He winked at me and said this girl will stay here tonight. I was alone with the girl, it was a real lolita. After a little chat, she learned that our guard is a relative, stays with them and her sexual preference is lesbianism, and her family brings her here. that he sent to his relatives. She told me that she doesn’t like men, that she doesn’t like them. She said that her aunt was very nice to her, that they sometimes had lesbian relationships and that she agreed with her to have a trial relationship with me tonight. Her aunt was offering this baby to me, so that she could taste it. It was midnight with the girl drinking vodka and chatting . I said whether the light is on or off, she said. I turned off the lights and went to her. Her aunt had come and joined us… I started to love with very delicate and soft touches. She was like a reluctant body, she. I kissed for minutes, I said words of love in your ear. I made love without touching the sexual points as much as possible. disgust me I didn’t want to. She said she was a virgin but promised to give it to me tonight . I got excited, put my hand under her skirt, stroking her cunt. That was great, I found your hairless and wet leggings. I started squeezing it with my finger . He was moaning, I pressed my finger to shake it, I realized it was empty. My hands were wet and I stuck my head inside her skirt. I licked her beautiful cunt from top to bottom and from top to bottom. It had a delicious sour taste. The room was caressing my hair as I tried to stick my tongue in its hole. I laid it on my back and peeled it off. I licked her breasts, while rubbing my dick on her cunt lips, she said something in french, I’m super aroused. He spread his legs wide, rubbing my dick head up and down and whitewashing, on the other hand I was licking her brunette titties and biting. I waited for a while and placed his head in it, it was so wet it was slipping and it wouldn’t stay in place. I was also magnificent. At that moment a hand grabbed my butt and placed it. I was surprised, her aunt had come, undressed and joined us. There were two other girls in the dark , I didn’t call out and I started to dig in millimeter by millimeter. His aunt was licking her cunt against her lips. I was pressing down on her aunt’s back. He said don’t stop, my love harder… The girl was out of breath and started to tremble under the influence of the two specters she lived. When my dick hit her hymen , she threw her aunt off her and hugged me and pressed me inside. I felt that she was torn, she fainted, I got scared. Don’t stop aunt pump it. He said he should be enjoying himself when he sobered up, so I lost myself a little bit, but I started to get in and out. I was looking at other girls out of the corner of my eye . They were making love too. My dick was young, but it was having such a hard time getting in and out that it bent like it was going to break, but when it started to open , the girl suddenly sobered up and hugged me tightly. ” Don’t stop, my love,” he said. I was fucking like crazy, I entered the house in different positions. I was going to take the first break of the night by bursting into her mouth when the other girls joined in. They removed my deflated dick in a few minutes, I woke up in the morning not knowing whose pussy came out and whose ass I was in. In the morning when everyone is leaving, my love who gives bakerat I approached and said I wouldn’t leave without fucking her ass. He also said to sacrifice. Like a ceremony we both got ready by the other girls I got creamed, got in her ass and started pumping. His pussy was so tight next to him that I was covered in sweat. All of a sudden, blood started coming from his ass, I didn’t call, he was just groaning. I think my ins and outs were torn, but he couldn’t feel it from the heat. I hugged her breasts from behind. I hung on it well. one of the girls was stroking my balls, the other was trying to push my pussy to my lower part. Everyone in a mess was enjoying each other somewhere. I was bellowing like an animal as I filled his ass with my hot liquids. The finale of the night full of pleasure, the cunt of all I did it by licking and emptying it once…

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