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I Fucked Our Neighbor Meryem In My Wife’s Bed
I’ve had so many relationships since high school that I write novels, not sex stories . Of course, when I came without interruption, I realized that those years were not behind at all. In fact, I got used to my calm, quiet and monotonous life. Or so I convinced myself, I don’t know. Because the adrenaline and excitement I experienced when I took the opportunity that came my way pushed me to experience a new one. Yes, I cheated on my wife not once, but several times, all within the last five months. Anyway, let me get into the story without missing the surprise so I don’t bore you.

I started bodybuilding in high school and continued until this age. I’m 30 years old. My facial features, my stance do not lie, show that I am a mature person, but one of the handsome ones. I had emerged as a wonderful mix of my mother and father. That’s why I never had a hard time finding a girlfriend. In fact, I had tremendous self-confidence, probably because they were the first to arrive. When I was tall and muscular, I became like a man’s prostitute. If I tried to make a list of the girls I slept with, I would forget at least a hundred girls. If you say how come you stopped, I came back from the military and started work. She was probably one of the prettiest girls in the business. The name of this lady working in human resources is Sibel! This time he went to me, not to me, and I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. I wanted to taste your love, not crazy fuck.

After a year of dating, we made a quick move when we said it was her engagement, her promise. I started my new life as a married person at the age of 26. Okay, I had many opportunities until I was 30, but I couldn’t find any of them beautiful enough to be worth cheating on the woman I love. I guess my eyes were mesmerized. No lie, the more handsome I am, the more beautiful my wife is. I think the effect of being a Bulgarian immigrant is also great…

New Neighbors in the New Apartment

We got out of bed saying that our demented landlady was completely obsessed with money, five minutes before she died. We are in Istanbul. As you know, everywhere is expensive, but we finally found a place that we can afford. Moreover, this time there was no problem with the landlord sitting above us. The new neighbors in the new apartment were a thousand times more risky than our senile landlady. Of course, neither I nor my wife was aware of this. On the first day of our move, Meryem, who was sitting on the ground floor, knocked on our door, gave us a meal and said welcome. Although my wife, who opened the door, invited her in, she did not enter, preferring to briefly introduce herself and leave. Although it is not clear, he is me and I have seen him a little bit. Half an hour later, our next-door neighbor Kıymet also came and said do you need anything. As you can see, we moved to a place that still values ​​neighborhood ties. Even though the host had mentioned it, we didn’t quite believe it. His only concern was to rent the house. The house had just been evacuated, and it had been whitewashed before leaving. So there was nothing to tire us out. We brought our things in one day and settled in.

If not every day, as I can say often, either in the morning or in the evening, I would meet our downstairs neighbor Meryem somehow. She was really a chick. He had a body as white as milk. It was obvious that he was well cared for. There must have been a terrific scent of perfume that went with it. He usually painted his lips red and made people shiver with his deep blue eyes. There was nothing to say about her breasts. It was as big as a comfortable orange than my 🙂wife’s. Of course, even though I can’t say it with fish meat, it was full-bodied. Her hips are round. A few times, I had the opportunity to watch because he was in the front and I was behind, and I was upright. So my desire to see our sexy downstairs neighbor has increased exponentially.

Since my wife and I continued to work at the same workplace, we went together but returned at different times. Since I was the manager, I was leaving about two hours late. Again, I left work like this, I came to the front of the apartment. As I started to climb the stairs, when I came to Meryem’s door, my usual excitement filled me again. Although I slowed down wondering if he would come out, the door never opened. Disappointed, I went upstairs to our apartment. The sound of the body I was hoping to see at the door was coming from our living room as I opened the door for my key. Moreover, there was our next-door neighbor Kıymet accompanying it.

Hello ladies, welcome.
Meryem: Welcome, Mücahit Bey, how are you?
Even his fucking cheddar, tone of voice, and look was like saying come fuck me. She was wearing a low-cut blouse. Underneath he was wearing a black sweatpants just like his top. In front of them were coffee tables and plates, the barren were enjoying themselves.

I’m fine, Ms. Mary, thank you. How are you?
By God, we will be much better if you make your wife work a little more. We cannot see her face. Finally, we made the preparations with Kıymet and came to sit as if we were raiding.
Well done, welcome back.
Kadım Sibel: Ladies, I’m coming right away…
As I walked into the bedroom, I realized that my wife was following me. Entering the bedroom in a soft whisper:

Aren’t they so cute?
Yes, you got a friend too, it’s good, this apartment is good.
That’s right, my love. Shall I put the barren they brought to you?
I’m going to take a shower or something, then I’ll eat, enjoy yourself my love.
Ok my love…
My wife, who left me with a kiss on my cheek, left the room. So I slowly took off my suit until I was only boxer. I was so tired that I lay down and stayed on the bed. I closed my eyes…

I don’t even know how much time has passed. A hand slowly descends from my nose to my lips, from my lips to my chin. Thinking she’s my wife:

Are they gone?

Without making a sound, he lowered his hand from my chest to my chest and thrust it inside. Of course I knew those fingers, the feeling, since my wife took my dick so many times. When I opened my eyes, I saw that it wasn’t my wife, but the widowed Meryem, who yearned for a fuck. He walked away quickly and whispered:

What the fuck are you doing, what are you doing here!
Shi… Your wife will hear it now.
Damn you horny wife, fuck you!
All right, I’ll fuck off…
The wife climbed onto the bed and snuggled closer to me. Damn okay, he was making me horny badly, but I couldn’t fuck him like that in my bed with my wife. On the other hand, this Meryem didn’t care at all. She threw her hand on my dick, even though it was over my back, as it stuck to my lips. Even I was upright. Even my wife would kiss and caress for a few minutes comfortably to lift it. Meryem was pleased that I reacted so quickly.

I knew you were satisfied with yesterday…
He took his hand and sat on my lap. I could comfortably feel all the softness of her hips with my dick right between them. Already, my hand was on her breasts and I was kissing and caressing on the other hand. He quickly got up and headed for the door. Involuntarily:

Where are you going?
He listened to the voice while looking to see if anyone came and went, opening the door slightly without making a sound. Then, without looking at me, he slowly took off his sweatpants. Bitch! Underneath she was wearing a white lace panty.

Come on, what are you waiting for!
Looking at my face, I have already stood up for Meryem, who spoke with all her desire, and went up to her. I peeled off his panties with my fingers without ever taking them off. When my hand touched the lips of the vagina, I was very horny. I quickly lowered my boxers and shoved my hard, veiny cock into the cunt.

Be quiet you bitch!
Ok my tough man, fuck me!
sex stories

He even enjoyed my calling him a bitch. I was so sped up for fear of being caught that I was probably putting on the performance of my life. Meryem had nothing left of me either. I was careful not to root, because I was afraid that the sound of flesh touching the flesh emanating from her plump ass would overwhelm the conversation in the living room. Even though her legs were starting to tremble slowly, I had already lost myself and emptied into her without waiting for her. I had no cure, I left myself on her and hugged her breasts tightly.

What kind of a bitch are you…
The kind that goes crazy for you! Come to me tomorrow before your wife…
He straightened up and pulled his sweatpants up to his hips. I slowly crawled back to my bed and lay back down. I grabbed my dick to be sure if this sex story was real or if I was dreaming. I made sure of my cum pieces and my still erect dick. While my wife was inside, I had seriously cheated on her in our bedroom with our next-door neighbor Meryem.

Mary Again The Next Day!

I took a shower yesterday before they left and tried to digest this crazy deception. I felt relief when I should normally be in pain. For years, I had been so tense that I would not cheat on my wife that I think this sex had brought me back to myself and revitalized me. Still, I was suggesting to myself that I had to repeat it, until the next day Meryem stood before me again…

I was supposed to go to my house without stopping by Meryem. I would even park the car at the beginning of the street and enter the building without being seen, so as not to get caught by him. However, I was excited again at the entrance, and I wanted to knock on your door. I stood in front of the door as I silently climbed the stairs. I reached out my full hand, but gave up and turned back. Come on, that door opened before I knocked on the door. Did the bitch put a GPS or something on me, what did she do, she could feel it!

He grabbed my arm and quickly pulled me inside. Closing the door behind us with his foot, he grabbed my lips and unbuttoned my shirt. I was already starting to lick that big ass of hers like crazy. She was wearing a transparent black nightgown. She wasn’t even wearing a bra, bitch! It swooped down on me so much that it was impossible not to feel his hardened nipples. He had taken off my shirt and had my pants down to my ankles. He stopped kissing and grabbed my arm and started walking forward. She looked so sexy in her thong underneath that she was already upright and was following my steps with her ass as a shield like a pillar.

He pushed me onto the bed as we entered the bedroom. I took off my boxer while she was taking off her nightgown and her thong underneath. Meryem, who was left naked, jumped on me with all her fury.

So you were going to leave without stopping by me!
I don’t want to do this to my wife.
Do not lie!
While rubbing his cunt on my lap, he gave me a light slap in the face. It made me very angry, but I ignored it.

I’m not lying, I love my wife. But…
You want me too, don’t you, just like me! Don’t worry, your wife won’t know about this as long as you come when I say come!
He literally threatened me and annoyed me tremendously. This time I couldn’t ignore it like a slap. I slid off my body and slid between his legs. Squeezing his throat lightly:

If you try to threaten me again, I will fuck your family!
Okay man, I’m sorry… It won’t happen again. Fuck me now!
With my hand still on her throat, I started to shove my hardened cock inside her cunt. He didn’t want me to pull my hand or anything, because he liked it. It was obvious that he liked the toughness. But I didn’t want to let her threat and that sexy ass go unanswered. I came out of it after rooting it a few times. I took my hand from his throat:

Why are you stopping, I told you to fuck me!
He was restless, but he did as I said. He had not yet realized that I wanted to have anal sex.

Is there any lubricant?
No no no no, no anal, no ooo!
Shut up bitch! Is there any?
It will happen again!
I left some of the drool that had accumulated in my mouth on my dick, and the rest in the slightly darkened asshole, which was placed like a stain on Meryem’s white body. I fucked my partners in the ass enough to realize that he was trying to get his head in slowly:

Don’t strain yourself…
Seeing that he was still tense, I slapped his ass as hard as I could.

Ahhhhhh! Slow…
I said muscle!
He stopped contracting and his asshole opened a little more. I put the head first. In bed like crazy, ‘ahhh!’ I kept rooting while shouting. He was literally inside now and had a really narrow asshole. Apparently he didn’t like it very much. I started to go slowly. After so much sweat, that hole had to widen! Again, I took my right hand, which was sore and free, from the navel to the pain clitoris. He was a sex god, who knew how to satisfy his partners in any position and in any way. While I was stroking her clit on the one hand, on the other hand, I was accelerating in her ass hole, and I was continuing to hit her. Fortunately my bitch was clean and well groomed. As the cries of pleasure swept through the room, I was also thoroughly enjoying it. I came out of the near-ejaculation asshole and turned Meryem’s body. I grabbed her hair and pulled her close to my dick. It was obvious that he was exhausted. I’d put it in his mouth, but I was too far from coming to wait for him. With just one touch of my dick, I already gushed. His mouth, face, hair, bed were all exposed to an artistic work with the death of a waterfall. I let go of my hair and lay on the bed. I was out of breath, which was no different from me.

I won’t let him threaten you again, but you won’t leave me without an orgasm. Let that be our only deal!
When I started laughing, he laughed too. The only thing that stopped our laughter was the ringing of the phone, it was my woman waiting for me upstairs.

There was traffic, my love, but I’m home in fifteen minutes.
All right, darling, I’m warming up the food then.
I love you…
I love you…
From our short and clear conversation, I realized that I was going back to the past. Because I was so experienced, fuck it!

I’m leaving early on Friday. Don’t fuck Mujahid who doesn’t orgasm you repeatedly.
My Meryem, who I managed to make laugh again, was wiping the semen on her face. With half-open eyes.

I’m looking forward to it man!
Meryem Isn’t Enough, It’s Worth It!

I can’t say every day, but I was probably visiting a Virgin Mary every two or three days. We were very happy with our situation. I even left clean shirts, trousers, and perfume at her house just so my wife wouldn’t have any doubts. I was paying attention to every detail, even to the hair, in case the smell permeates me and I understand. I say it again, I still loved my wife like crazy, but I couldn’t resist Meryem’s attraction and the adrenaline she gave me.

Our relationship with Meryem had lasted four months. I forgot the paperwork I brought with me to work at home. I came home to pick him up around two in the afternoon. I would get it back quickly. That’s why I didn’t even go near Meryem. I even left the door ajar and went inside quickly. Since I couldn’t remember where I left the paperwork, I started searching the living room and then the bedroom. I was terribly frightened because when I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and turned around, I saw a person with a frying pan in his hand. You know, I could show that moment only if we did it in slowmotion. Everything had developed too quickly. While pushing the pan with my left hand, I reached out with my right hand to hug his throat. But we lost our balance and fell to the ground. Because at the last moment, I realized that the person I fell on was Kıymet, our next-door neighbor.

We were on the ground, both frozen as if trying to understand what had happened. We were nose to nose. Our breaths were in our faces because of the only five-inch distance between us. The first voice came out of me:

What are you doing?
I thought it was a thief. The door… I heard the door open. I looked at the clock, the door was ajar. I scared. I thought it was a thief.
You came with the pan too, huh?

This woman, whom we call precious, was at least as sexy as Meryem. Of course, making comparisons was unreasonable because until now I had never thought of having sex with another married woman. Moreover, he had a son. But her lips, her brown eyes, her confused look, her hair falling on the floor… She looked so sexy that her brunette body, I couldn’t help but find myself placing a small kiss on her lips. While he was looking into her eyes, the kiss that followed him was from Kıymet. While we were making love like crazy, I’ve already slid my hand down her legs under her sweater. I lifted her bra and interlaced my fingers. Her slender and petite body was enough to harden me. I caressed her breasts as she continued to kiss while she was stroking my dick. I got up quickly from the ground. I grabbed it by the hand. We continued to kiss and lay on the bed. I undid my belt and then my trousers with my barefoot.

Kıymet had taken off her sweater and bra that was on her breasts. Only his thin pajamas remained underneath. It was home, of course. She kissed his lips, her stomach literally sinking into him. His breathing was so deeply inhaled that it increased my anger exponentially. She put her hand in my hair. I licked her neck, her breasts, her belly and got into her pajamas. I pulled it off with her yellow panties underneath. The slightly hairy pussy wasn’t the type I would normally lick, but at the time, it wasn’t me! I parted her legs well and inserted my tongue between her vaginal lips. He was pulling madly at my hair while licking it. I couldn’t resist myself any longer and I placed my cock between her legs in her pussy. I rooted!

OHHHHH, keep it up!
Just the third time I rooted, I felt the pleasure juices in her cunt cover my dick. I was looking at her eyes, not my dick. On the one hand, I was getting support from the bed and on the other hand, I kept going back and forth in it. As he sped up, I let go of her breasts and then her lips and took her legs over my shoulders. The erotic moments we had with our petite brunette neighbor made me and her reach orgasm quickly. With her legs on my shoulders, I smashed her cunt like I was a hammer drill. His legs were twitching, his eyes were drooping.

Sa… ohhhh, don’t piss me off! Ohhhhhhhh!
If he hadn’t warned me, I would have let myself go, but I left at the last moment. When I came out, I gushed. The spawn stabbed first in his jaw like a bullet. Then it flowed all the way down to her breasts and her navel and left me.

I lay on it without listening to any spawn. I guess I just couldn’t help myself. Our hearts felt like they were going to explode. Value recovered before me:

We will both forget this experience and we will be neighbors again.
Look, you’re married and so am I, if our wives find out, our lives will be ruined. I have a child…
I said calm down, I won’t taste it. It was momentary, it doesn’t make sense!
Yes, absolutely not! But I’ll admit, you were very good.
So are you neighbor…
First I got up from him and then he got out from under me. He quickly dressed and took one last look and kissed my lips, he said goodbye and left. Mary wasn’t enough for me, and Value! I was saying. Indeed, the situations I put myself in really pissed me off. It was at that moment that I felt the regret after a long time. Until then, I was not bothered about being with Meryem and cheating on my wife. I lay on the bed and cried seriously. I questioned what to do. I couldn’t find any way out. Because even if I walked away from this apartment, I couldn’t change the fact that I cheated on my wife. And this is the second time I’ve done it in our bedroom, even though I was so careful!

Neighbors Stopped Calling and Asking…

It’s been five days since we lived with Kıymet. I have a job for Meryem during this time, I walked away saying that, this is it. I already had enough of him and he had already had enough. We made it a routine just to be together. Our sex was not as crazy as before. Of course, the main event turned into a sadder state with the sentence my beautiful wife made. We are at the dinner table. When I least expect it:

Neighbors stopped calling and asking…

I wonder if I did something wrong, Kıymet would definitely stop by and ask how I was, even if it was over the door. It’s like you’re running away from me.
My inner ‘oh my wife, my wife who is smart but pure next to me! Not because of you, but because of me, I fucked them all in turn!’ While I meant to say, the ones that came out of me were very different:

It seems to you, my love, as if what can you do.
I don’t know, they got used to it and now they made me feel like I wasn’t there.
First of all, I’m your best friend and neighbor! You don’t need anyone… If they become your friend, they win, because they’re befriending an amazing person like you.
Ayyy, my dear husband, you know I love you so much, right?
I know… because I love you too!
After kissing and sniffing and having sweet kitchen sex, Meryem and Kıymet, I satisfied my wife beautifully. I do not go into details because I am not enough to share my honor here.

Of course, my wife’s having such an opinion disturbed me terribly. The fact that I am the reason why they have distanced themselves from him, the possibility that they may one day arise…

Last week, we met Kıymet at the entrance of the apartment on Saturday. We never met after that sex. That’s why there was a great weirdness between us. Vaguely:

Hello Dear Ms.
Hello Mr. Mujahid.
How are you?
We are fine, how are you?
We are fine, thank you.
My lady also mentioned you last time, she is wondering why you stopped talking.
The boy’s school did not have an opportunity. I’ll stop by at the first opportunity, Mr. Mucahit.
Thank you…
I really thank you…
The thank you at the end of this ridiculous distanced conversation we had while we were slowly climbing the stairs was actually a mutual gratitude for not going over what we went through. By warning, I asked him to continue the conversation he had cut with my wife, for good or bad. In the evening, he knocked on our door and brought pastries. As he told me, he closed the distance by using the child, the husband, etc. as an excuse.

Meryem, on the other hand, used to distance me in the same way every day I did not go to her. He had insisted that I come to him only two weeks ago, saying that he missed him so much. There was nothing to do, it seemed like we were going to continue our little getaways when it was getting so low. Still, hanging out infrequently rather than seeing each other every day certainly reduced the risk.

I swear, all these things are really ambitious enough to be a porn series, but I didn’t want to continue it because it was too long. I’ve already mentioned until we get to our current state. I’m on good terms with my wife too, she doesn’t suspect anything. Still, a tiny bit of doubt is enough to ruin everything, I’ve experienced it before. I’ve gained so much trust over the years that he never gets dizzy with the thought. After all, since I am a manager, I can be intimate with many female employees at work. Doesn’t show any sign of jealousy. Whatever you say is on your mind, leave this apartment with an excuse as soon as possible. Let’s come, the rents have become much more ridiculous. I know I can’t offer any logical explanation since we’ll only find flats for at least twice the price if we go out. That’s why I’m content to leave it to time for now.

I hope my stories with my wife’s sexy friends got you reading without boring you. Waiting for your comments. I would be very happy if you give advice. If something new happens, I will add it here. For now, everything continues as standard. Then I leave my last point by wishing you all to experience sweet sex stories.

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