Hello, I live in Ankara, I
want to write you my story that I lived with a couple. It was summer season, I went to my hometown Cide. One evening I bought 2
beers and sat on the beach. Half an hour had passed, a couple
were sitting on the bank next to me and chatting
. After a while , I realized that the
man came to me and asked where they could buy a
. in the establishment

They told me that they were civil servants, by the way, the woman’s sexy look made me
suspicious and I invited them to the bar, they accepted, we jumped in my car and
left them at the hostel to get ready so I went home and
got ready at 9:30 in the evening I got a wonderful lady standing in front of me I could
n’t take my eyes off her husband was joking what did he say he
liked I was surprised to say, but she was dressed very provocatively,
we sat in a restaurant and ate our food well,
then went to a bar and the fun had just begun and everyone was
high and we sat at one of the back tables and drank our drinks, I
couldn’t stand it anymore and I invited Ezra to a dance, we got up and went.
I was holding her hand, but even she was enough for me, I was so aroused that
we started the dance, under her one-piece dress, all her body
lines were visible, and meanwhile, slow music began to play, and I was
hugging Ezra so much that she noticed my device and threw her hand, I said do
n’t ask me, you did it, I said, laughed and don’t hurry He said we’ll do other things too, this sentence pissed
me off even more and my courage increased.
I started stroking and kissing all over
the secret. We continued dancing on the floor as I got it.

i broke up and she doesn’t dance with esra almost we were making love at night it was
4am and on the way back we left the disco i said let’s go to the sea to esra the room agreed
and we went to a deserted place and went down to the sea murat was asleep first
I undressed and jumped into the sea naked then esra
came with her bra and thong we started long long kissing then we went to the beach and
gave it to Esra’s mouth I was not sitting idle I was touching her magnificent breasts
After licking for 5 minutes I ejaculated in her mouth I washed and
gave her again when I got up I started to lick Ezran’s pussy I licked it for 15
minutes and Ezra was begging fuck now so I leaned on Ezran’s
gorgeous hairless cunt and i put them all in one go like fire and
it was soggy after I fucked for minutes I took my cock out and ejaculated in the mouth of
esra after resting for a while I put it back in my mouth and
lifted it I got the esraine doggy and I started to lick your ass then I put it on your ass please don’t do it I said leave it to me and I started to load
slowly Ezra was trying to escape from me but I couldn’t let it but somehow it wasn’t going in and I thought of the sun oil in the car , I immediately bought it and put it on my cock and esran’s ass, now it was more comfortable and with my sting, his head went in, I stopped for a while and all of a sudden I put it all in and Ezra shouted that even I hesitated, I started to move slowly and after a long time I ejaculated on the ass of esran and fell on it.

By the way, the sun was starting to rise and we left. I left them to the hostel
and left to meet again in the evening. I came to the hostel in the evening,
we went to dinner. At dinner, when murat esra went to the toilet, at a time when murat esra went to the toilet,
thank you for last night, he said, it doesn’t matter
, I said it doesn’t matter, I brought them to the hostel that evening after dinner I left and they went back to Istanbul the next
day, now they call me whenever they want and
I go.

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