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It was our second day at the resort, my wife and I were more
tired than resting. Since it was very hot
at noon, the sign of the massage parlor caught my attention while I was lying by the pool to relax,
I didn’t even think about what we would experience when I proposed to my wife.

We both lay on the tables side by side, one female and one male masseur came.
The female one started massaging me, the male one gave my wife a towel and asked her to undress if she wanted to relax completely and cover her
butt with the towel . came out and my wife undressed and covered the towel and lay on her face . Soon the masseur came and started the massage.

I was getting a massage on the one hand and watching the massage given to my wife on the other . The man started from the back, then went down
to the feet. It was obvious that Meral was
satisfied with her condition. It was the first time that someone else was touching her body
.Meral did not object, even
she could hardly keep herself from moaning.

Finally, the massage was over and the man went out. While Meral was getting dressed, I
went after the man and asked him if he would come to the massage at 12 pm
. I did not understand what he meant, but he said he would be paid, I said everything is accepted

Finally, it was evening and there was a knock on the door at 12. I told Meral I have a surprise
for you and opened the door. I said, ‘You liked the massage very much today,’ so I
called the masseur again. I was wondering what would happen, too, everything
depended on what they thought. Could have just been in a massage!.

The masseur said, ‘Ma’am, please get ready, I’m going to give you a full massage’
and went in. Meral looked at me strangely as if to say what does that mean. I said,
‘I want you to relieve the tiredness of the whole year this holiday.’ Meral
just smiled and undressed and covered her towel. I still didn’t
know what she was thinking. .I called you to come to the masseur.

The masseur poured some oil on Meral’s back and started massaging. He was
stroking her back with his muscular arms, putting his hand up to the sides of her breasts
, then going to her waist, touching her breasts again and measuring the reaction . He said
‘breasts are important in the main massage’ and stopped.

She put her hands in and started squeezing and stroking her breasts. I couldn’t understand anything because Meral
‘s face was on the other side. Then she went to her hips . She put her hand
under the towel and was stroking her hips. it was messy.

Her brunette butt was glowing from the oil used by the masseur and she
looked very sexy. She parted her hips and gave her cunt little tongue smacks .
She turned her butt towards me for me to watch . `s pussy was now well watered.

He turned his head and said with pleading eyes, “Come on, you’re
good.” The man took off his shorts and looking me in the eyes, he rubbed his dick
a little on Meral’s cunt and slowly but slowly entered him. Meral
was moaning, but the man was not in a hurry and was going in and out slowly
. he inserted his finger in the back and widened it.

Meral had ejaculated at least twice when the man came out and
entered from behind, which is what Meral never wanted. But Meral doesn’t make a sound, she just
moans. After about 10 minutes of fucking from the back, she came out and
ejaculated on her hips. once
spoke `mainly need a massage now`.

Meral soon came to her senses and there was no shame left.
She said, “First you fucked me, now I’m going to fuck you” and went inside. She wore
long black boots, black g-string and
came with handcuffs in her hand. She handcuffed the man to the bed by her hands and feet
. He turned to me and looked me in the eyes . He
said, ‘I always knew you wanted to see this.’

He was running his tongue over the penis,
stroking the head with his lips, rubbing his face and looking into my eyes. He put
a penis clamp on the bottom of the man’s dick. The approximately 20 cm instrument
was standing upright. Now the man was begging to lick it
. returned.

She took the man’s big dick between her breasts and rubbed the protruding head on her face
, taking it between her lips and sucking. First she was sucking on her head and
then sucking as much as she could in her mouth. The masseur could not stand it anymore and
started to ejaculate. Meral did not pull her face away, her lips and face
were filled with sperm. and licking the shrunken
dick he was saying ‘that’s a fuckin’ fuckin’

After I gave the man the money he deserved down to the last penny and sent it, Meral and I watched the
footage I took from the camera I concealed many times

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