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I was in my sophomore year of high school.
A girl named Tülay, dressed in hijab, was sitting on the bench in front of me. When the girls
wearing headscarves came to the school’s door, they took off their headscarves and uncovered their heads, while Tülay came to the classroom wearing a headscarf and did not open
her head until the teacher came. But
when he entered the classroom, he would take the needles
off his scarf and wait for the teacher to come, and when the teacher entered the classroom, he would pull the scarf from his hair and open his head.
He didn’t talk much to the boys in the class. He was fine with me.
He used to tell me almost every problem he had. He used to go to the classroom on the weekends. She was always wearing a headscarf there . She
left school on Friday evening and
asked me “what are you doing tomorrow”. I was like, “I don’t know, maybe for the tea party fun.
I’ll go” I said. He said to me, “I can come if you want”. I said, “Okay, I
‘ll pick you up from the classroom at 12:00”.

At 12:00 on Saturday, I took Tülay from the classroom and
took her to the tea party. We entered. There were two or three headscarved girls inside. The party
had begun. Everyone got up to dance. I took my friend Tülay to dance.
We were dancing by holding my hand on her hip and Tülay on my hip.
At one point, I saw one of the girls with a headscarf kissing another man and
I pointed out that “Look at Tula, girls with a headscarf also kiss”. Tülay took me to a
darker place and started kissing me on the lips. I was suddenly
surprised. I never thought that a girl in such a closed hijab would kiss me
. I immediately responded and started to touch the buttocks of my turbaned friend
. By the way, Tülay unzipped my pants and gave a fuck.
was holding. At that moment, the
phrase “one of the very closed girls looking at the ground at this time, heartbreaking” came to my mind. Tüla and I went to the back table and
kissed a lot. Then we left the tea party with Tüla and went to an empty construction site.
It was as if the girl in the covered hijab was gone and replaced by a turbaned whore.
Even though I was a boy, I was afraid of the girl with a turban. Tülay, on the other hand, was licking my balls as if I were
her husband of forty years. Then
I took off Tülay’s skirt. She was wearing small white panties. I also
took off the weight. The covered girl, who did not open her head until the teacher came to the class, immediately
untied her scarf and opened her head. She unbuttoned the front buttons of her dress. He put his breasts
in my mouth. I licked well too. Then he fingered her cunt quite a bit
I licked The girl in hijab, whose head is covered with a turban
, had sex like a playboy girl that was opened and scattered all of a sudden
. I was going to fuck the hijab girl with a headscarf. First, I covered
my head with a scarf. I was going to get my dick right in your cunt when “no, not from the front, but you
can fuck my ass,” she said. I got behind the turbaned bitch. I
grabbed her scarf and fucked her ass. Actually, I was going to cum on her
scarf. But I didn’t cum because I didn’t have any other scarf with me. Then we both got
dressed. Tülay “You gave me a wonderful day. From now on, we’re
going to come here and make love every now and then, ”she said. I said, “Of course, we can
come whenever you want , but you can take another scarf with you that you don’t use.
When we make love, we will cover her head and make love like that. When I need to ejaculate,
I will ejaculate in the scarf on his head” I said. When he said to me, “How did you think to ejaculate in a scarf,” I had read the sex stories of
veiled women on the internet .
I read there that men and women with turbans always start on their
turbans or scarves. I had a dream to myself that if I had
sex with a woman wearing a hijab, I would start with her scarf . Then
I left the construction site and went to Tülay’s house
. That night, I dreamed of the fuck I made with Tüla until the morning.

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