carla bigo

I am a veiled woman working in a private company. I go to the workplace with my overcoat on and my head covered with a scarf, inside I only take off my overcoat. None of the other women in the company were covering their heads, most of them were wearing mini skirts. After my wife’s commemorative death, I started doing make-up, influenced by the ladies in the company. After a while, I started to wear mini skirts under my overcoat. One morning, the boss called me to his room and gave me 1 bag with clothes. He told me, “From now on, when you come to work, you will change into the archive room and wear these clothes.” I went to the archive room and changed.

I solved it this way for quite a while. One evening I went to the archive room to change my clothes. my skirt and economics. I had taken off my sweater. I was just taking off my scarf when the boss suddenly appeared in front of me from behind the shelf. I was surprised at what happened. because I never thought that after the shelf, my boss would follow me in my panties and bra. “I like you, be my guest tonight,” said the boss. And I said, “No, how can you make this suggestion to a woman in hijab like me?” The boss said, “I’ve been seeing your panties, bra and sometimes your breasts every day since you changed.” When I asked how, he showed the camera. It turned out that he had a hidden camera in the archive room and watched me as I undressed and dressed every morning and evening.

Then he put his hand inside my panties and caressed my cunt. Then we started kissing on the lips. When I touched my head for 1 time, I realized that it was covered with a scarf. When I wanted to take off my scarf, he stopped. He said you look more sexy like that. Then we got dressed and took the tape he filmed while I was changing and went to his house. Your boss was a single person living alone. He took me to the mattress room and took from the drawer 1 small tight-fitting panties and 1 aka silk headscarf. He handed it to me and said, “Just put on these panties. Cover your head with this scarf. Come in, put on make-up sexy,” she said. I did exactly what he said and went to him. first we prepared a meal together and ate the meal, then we drank tea. While I was drinking tea, he was holding my breasts and saying to me, “I would never have thought that a woman in hijab would sit next to me and make love like this.” Then the boss undressed.

I was excited to see your scar. because he had a big big dick. He laid me on the bed and started rubbing his dick on my lips. I was trying to kiss. Sometimes he was rubbing his dick with the scarf on my head. Then he took it with my hand and started to put it in my mouth. I started to lick the top and bottom. My ass was trembling with pleasure, my pussy was soggy. He spread my legs and started licking my cunt. He pressed my legs against my stomach and made my cunt really horny. The juices of appreciation flowing from my cunt were seeping into his asshole. He started to slowly insert his big dick into my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure.

Fucking stories He was stroking my breasts with his hands. I was about to go crazy with pleasure. I saw myself in the mirror in front of me at one time. I also liked being fucked with a scarf. He said to me “I want to fuck you in the ass”. He put a little cream on my ass. He also dried his own dick on my scarf. Then he got behind me and grabbed my hijab and started to fuck my ass. I was enjoying your fuck by twisting my ass left and right. My moans were mixed with the loud rumbling sounds coming from my ass. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I couldn’t stand it, I said, ejaculate. Then she took the scarf from my head and poured into it. There was semen all over the scarf. Then he put the scarf on my pussy and put on my panties.

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