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After graduating from the electronics department,
I started living abroad to do an internship. After many countries I
went to, I started working at Sony in Japan after my internship.

About 2 years later, I married a Japanese woman named kauru nakajima, who is also an engineer like me and I have been married for 10 years .

Our marriage, which was very normal at first, was
managing even though it turned into a crisis from time to time, after my homesickness and my desire to come to Turkey
. our sex life was not like that. There
was 15 minutes between going to bed and getting up. As you can see, everything was very monotonous
. We were both very tired when we came home from work.

When the directors of the company, who saw that I had trouble going to work from time to time,
asked me why, I explained my troubles at home. They also said that they can handle this job and that they can bring action and movement to our lives
, provided that they assign us to another country .

Send me malaysia, dubai and u. They suggested S.A.
I did not accept malaysia and dubai although his salary was high and u. I preferred S. A and
asked them to start the proceedings.

Even though it was very difficult, we came to America after I had my wife accept this assignment and said that I would not
interfere with her in any way and
that we would start a new life. While we were working in the same departments before
, we started to work in separate departments here. We were working on very active and long
-lasting projects.

Now we had interns with us. I became particularly
interested in an intern from Turkey. My wife was working with an American black
intern. The man was like a zebellah, my wife was like
a child with her height of 1, 50 cm..

There was a very important project that we had to develop and they told me that if we could raise it in
time, they would give me a very serious bonus from that job. So
I told my wife that I would be home late.
On the way home, I told them to go with their trainee .

It can be dangerous outside at times. Anyway, I was taking care of my business, I was coming
at 2 o’clock and sometimes at 3 o’clock.
I was trying to finish this job without ever seeing my wife officially .
And we finished 1 week before the expected day and got permission. I was so excited to get home early at night and
have sex with my wife like crazy.

I haven’t had sex with my wife for about 2 months, I haven’t even touched her.
I ran home and first went to the bathroom and washed. I was just getting
up when I heard the sound of the door being opened with the key.
I was going to surprise my wife when I heard that trainee’s voice and hid. My wife was talking to him in a very enthusiastic way
, joking.

I didn’t want to show myself, I hid in the laundry room and I was
listening to the conversations
. I couldn’t believe it, I thought my wife couldn’t do this to me
. Because I have never cheated on him.

Anyway, while I was thinking about this , I decided to get up from my place and quietly look around to see what’s going on. When I came to the hall, I couldn’t believe my eyes
, my wife and that black man are getting undressed, they are making love.

I decided to watch it even if I thought about getting angry, shouting, or even hurting that man for a while . I had never seen my little Japanese wife enjoy it like
this and it turned me on like this.

I can’t forget the ecstasy when my wife licked the black’s 20cm dick . Now I was on an irreversible road and I
was watching them without making a sound. In my mind, I was wondering how that dick
would get into my wife if this guy tried to fuck my wife. Literally the man’s dick is in my wife’s

The nigger was licking my wife all over and my wife was screaming with
delight. His movements were starting to quicken now. And when the nigga
started rubbing his gorgeous dick on my wife’s pussy
I knew something was going to happen.

As he slowly shoved it into his pussy, my wife was barking
instructions to the black engineer not to sting them all, but he couldn’t hear. That
tiny woman had nothing to do with a six-foot-two man.

And slowly thrust forward, he thrust his cock all the way to the end in one motion. I can’t forget that
scream, then they got really excited with the commuting and they were emptied by shouting
. The man poured all his semen into my wife’s mouth and face.
I can’t believe I had a ejaculation too. I
watched my wife get fucked by someone else and a nigger like a bear.

My wife got up saying she was going to the bathroom at some point and I saw her coming towards me so
I couldn’t escape. I was naked and there was nothing to tell
. Click and see how many originals there are. In fact, his
condition was worse. He saw me and said don’t talk and come in.
He said let’s do it together.

My mind stopped, I didn’t know what to do, and I listened to him, the man was
looking at us, very calmly kissing my wife again and licking. My wife
was already lost in the man’s lap, there was no room left for me, I couldn’t
touch her.
Told me to stand in front of them, nigga , to watch what’s going on

I did what I was told and started watching, there is nothing
for me to do anyway;. By the way, my nigger was licking my little wife’s ass, making her
scream. We’ve never had sex like this.

I understood that he was going to fuck my Japanese from behind and I had to intervene
and I told my wife that it would be very difficult to get this cock,
they should prefer a normal relationship if you want, but no one heard me but the man
started rubbing the head of the dick on his ass I can’t believe he is going to fuck my wife
in the ass and a dick the size of one 7 of my wife it will go into your ass.
I was starting to wonder how my poor wife was going to get it.

In the meantime, the man kept screaming with half his cock stuck,
although my wife pushed the step for a while, the man continued to press it without hesitation.
At one point, my wife shouted for me to get cream from the room, and I ran and

The man still pressed it and threw in almost more than half of it,
I said let’s take it out and cream it anyway, the man rubbed a piece on his hand and rubbed his dick in my wife’s hole
and without wasting time, he went into the hole again, slowly and
then suddenly, he got into all the depths of my wife, my wife screams so much
that I heard everyone opening and closing their doors in the whole apartment .
Then they asked if there was a problem with security.

The man was fucking my wife so much that they didn’t care who came to the door.
The man came into my wife’s ass braying and packed up and left.

You won’t believe it, but my wife and I never talked about it.
We saw that our sex life became more colorful with this event . We are in Turkey now. We are in
Istanbul. Would I experience this same relationship again, but I don’t think
it was the last time.

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