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Some of the stories I’ve read here sounded counterintuitive to me. I was especially surprised by those who had sex with their relatives. But after this incident, I realized that there is no limit to fucking…

My name is Selvi, I am 21 years old. We are originally from Adana, but we have been living in Konya for years. Although Konya is thought to be a conservative city compared to other cities, it is quite the opposite. In fact, it is a city where everything is turned, drinking, gambling and women and girls are abundant. And if your financial situation is good, it’s not a bad city to live in. I love it here. But everyone looks like a conservative, eats everything. That’s why you pay attention to the steps you take. But 6-7 years ago I lost my virginity. When I was in high school, I had a girlfriend who was older than me. One day, while they were holding hands and kissing or something, it happened out of the blue. At first I was very upset, I regretted it, I isolated myself from life and so on, but then I realized that these are useless, what is gone will not come back.

My girlfriend who broke my maidenhood turned out to be a psychopath and I’m done. I just stood there, who would take me? What would I do if my family heard about it? Then I had another girlfriend. He was married, but arranged an arranged marriage. He was in the next building, and he was on bad terms with his wife. We both became emotional lovers and made love with it. One day I told him that I am not a virgin, he had a feast. I got fucked by someone else for the first time in 4 years after losing my maiden and it was amazing. Our relationship with him lasted until last year. But we didn’t fuck all the time, so that it wouldn’t spoil the taste. Then it didn’t work out with him either and we ended our relationship. It’s been 7-8 months since you broke up with him. I was both horny and crazy to fuck.

We have a relative in Antalya from our mother’s side, his son’s military service went to Ankara. The boy was 25 years old. My mother’s kinship relations are also very tight, my mother always insisted, “Call my son, there is a high-speed train to Ankara-Konya now, we will wait for 1-2 days on your first leave!” saying. I didn’t care either, since I didn’t know who it was. I just knew her name was Call.

One day, Çağrı phoned my mother and asked if she wanted to come for 2 days and if we were available. My mother was very happy, “Of course, come on, son!” she said. The next day, I came home from the bazaar, my mother greeted me at the door, “My daughter Çağrı brother came, come in and say hello!” she said. I walked in, we said hello, he shook my hand, he smiled. He had very attractive eyes, he was tall, dark-haired. He was exactly the type I liked, his eyes were literally burning me.

Anyway, it was evening, food was eaten, tea, coffee, conversation, then it was time for bed. We prepared his room, everyone went to bed. Under the pretext of getting up at night and drinking water, I checked whether he was sleeping or not. He was smoking on the kitchen balcony. He went to her and said, “Oh, you haven’t slept yet?” I said. “No, he’s not sleeping!” said. “Why?” I said. He laughed, “I’m in the military, I miss civilian life!” said. While he was talking, he was inhaling the cigarette so much that it was as if he was pulling me in. I was so bad. After talking for a while, I went and masturbated in my bed. I ejaculated quietly, but with great pleasure.

I was staring at this at breakfast the next morning like, ‘come fuck me!’ like saying. He told me that he wanted to visit Mevlana. So I took him there, to the market or something. Just as he was returning home in the evening, a motorcycle hit his right foot on the side of the street. We were alarmed and immediately took him to the hospital. His right foot was cracked, it was nothing serious, but he was stepping on it very hard. Of course, my mother said, “There is no way, son, I will not send you to Ankara like this, stay here until your foot heals! We are already working until the evening, the house is yours, you can rest!” saying. He didn’t accept the call at first, but eventually accepted at my parents’ insistence (and I’m sure he could fuck me too). So we had one more week. I was so happy.

I get up at 7 in the morning to go to work, when I got up that day, I looked at Call’s Laptop on the table in the living room. Everyone was sleeping anyway, I opened his laptop and started to mix. And when I mixed it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lots of porn sites, man-to-man fucks, women-to-women, incest, fantasies, whips, handcuffs… You see, he was a sex-hungry man. I was already horny too, I was totally crazy. Then I looked at their MSN conversation, they had a conversation with a widow named Yağmur. The wife is 45 years old, they were having a virtual fuck. He told the wife about me, “If he wasn’t a relative, I would show him the day, what I wouldn’t give to suck those tits, especially that cunt, he’s making me mad!” like something like that. The wife gassed at it, “You’re a man like a lion, don’t call it relatives or anything, squeeze it hard, it means you want a dick, bitch!” like. Oh my God! When I read these, I almost gave up on the spot. I closed his laptop, but I made up my mind, I was going to fuck him hard…

I left work early in the evening, rushed home. But I looked, Call is not at home. I was afraid that he had returned to Ankara. I called my mother immediately and asked. One of his military friend was from Konya, he went to them for dinner. I was relieved. There was still 2 hours before my parents arrived. I thought I’d go to a bathroom before anyone came, I undressed in my room, I stroked myself in the mirror a little, I watered my pussy, then I lay on the bed and took the pillow under me and on top of that, I put my vibrating vibrator upright and started it, I fucked my pussy. While I was sitting and getting up from the Vibrator in a lost way, when the door opened and I saw the Call in front of me, it was like lightning in my brain. I quickly got up and pulled the blanket over me. Okay, I was dreaming of fucking her, but it was so weird for her to see me like that…

Call could hardly pull himself together in the face of what he saw and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, sorry, so sorry!” she limped off in embarrassment. I couldn’t leave my room because of my embarrassment until my parents came. It was evening, my parents came, we ate together, but neither of us spoke. On the one hand, I was sad, Çağrı was going to leave after 2 days and we still hadn’t been able to fuck yet, my hope was broken.

Anyway, it was night, we all slept. While I was trying to sleep among these thoughts, I realized that the door of my room was silently opening. I couldn’t believe it, Call was standing in front of me. I got out of bed and went to him, “Yeah, what do you want?” I asked. I suddenly closed my mouth and said, “Shut up! Hush hush!” said. I shook my head and remained silent. He got behind me and said, “You’re not going to shout, are you?” he was rubbing against my back. I literally went crazy with excitement. When he opened his hand in my mouth slightly, “I will not shout!” I said. He took his hand from my mouth and brought it down to my breasts and squeezed it so hard that it took my breath away. We never spoke. He pushed me against the wall and peeled off my sweatpants, pulling me off like he was ripping it off. He started licking my pussy so hard, oh my God! I haven’t seen anything like that. He was slurping and pouting like a rabid dog. Every once in a while, “Mmmmhhh, you’re great, ohhh, mmhhh!” it was said.

I liked it very much, but, “I’m afraid someone will come, don’t!” I said. “Don’t worry, they won’t wake up, just keep quiet!” said. I even had 2 orgasms while call was licking my pussy. Whispering in my ear, “I can’t stand it, I’m going to spend it on that fresh fuck, I’ve been longing for a pussy fuck for months!” When he said, I got very angry, “I miss fucking too much, come on fuck me!” I said. He curled me up in front of him and started rubbing his pussy on my back. Mmmhhhh it was great. I haven’t had a real dick in my ass for 7-8 months. Then it slowly started to pass. It was as if the world stopped, it was so enjoyable, ohhh. We were both moaning low. I came to my senses all of a sudden. He started slapping me. It was great. He was pulling my hair and kneading and squeezing my breasts. Water was literally flowing from my ass. Then she said, “I can’t stand it, I’ll get the first mail, this is my first fuck in months!” saying,

When I looked back, his dick was still upright, it was great. I immediately took it into my mouth and started sucking. He sat down so his feet wouldn’t hurt. While I was sucking, his eyes were squinting, he was passing out. “Come to my lap!” said. I sat on his lap, he slowly put me in my cunt. I started to sit up and he was running it under. It was incredible. He fucked me like that for a while. We couldn’t stand up because his feet were bandaged. Then he got between my legs and fucked me in the classic position. Then I took him under me and sat on his dick. I sat on it like crazy and started getting up and jumping. There was a ‘slapstick’ sound with his dick getting into my soggy pussy. We were out of breath. After fucking like that for a while, he groaned like crazy and said, “I’m coming again!” he began to say and said, “Come my love, cum inside me!” As I said, we both had crazy orgasms at the same time…

When I took his dick out of my pussy and got off him, there was semen and cunt juice everywhere. I reached out to him. We were silent for a while. He lit a cigarette and we began to talk in whispers. Then, just in case, he went to his room. The next day, at every opportunity, he touched it here and there and pressed it. Before returning to the army, he immediately fucked me in my room for 2 minutes, and it went away.

It’s been 3 months now, it’s been 3 months. But it stays in Konya rather than Antalya. They opened a dealership here, they come to check it out, stay with us for 3-4 days a month and fuck me. Nobody makes any difference, so to speak, we are brothers and sisters.🙂

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