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Hello, Birol, I am writing to you from Izmir. My wife and I never agreed on fantasy.
I always wondered what it was like
, but my wife always objected. Until last week.
I want to talk about my wife, she is 1.70 tall, has a full physique and
really she is a very beautiful woman.
Last week, we went shopping under Kemer, we were going to
go somewhere for a drink. That’s why my wife was dressed very well, a light low
-cut blouse, I watched her dress up, a thin tulle, a white
string, thin, light black stockings and a short miniskirt
. we saw a very nice shoe while walking
It was in the window and we decided to look at it and went inside. While we were describing
the shoe, the shoe arrived a few minutes later, it
can be considered quite handsome, with the shop owner, whom I learned later, my wife sat down with the shop owner, whose name was
Mert . .I guessed it was already the case because Mert’s facial expression started to contract tremendously in front of the view. It was obvious that my wife gave the man great free kicks with her thin panties, of course, her beautiful and well-groomed feet were also trying, but the strange thing was that my wife was not bothered by it at all. By the way, one of the shoes is going off. somebody

coming .
_ _ _ After chatting, when I wanted to get lice in my cigarette , I saw that my wife was officially flirting with the man and I decided to watch it surreptitiously. At that time, my wife was wearing a long boot. While pulling the zipper of the boot up, the man was literally stroking my wife’s legs and since the boot was long, the man could go up quite a bit. from every

it was obvious he was laughing from time to
time. I could only watch them in a state of confusion about what to do. Meanwhile, tea came,
the man was trying very hard to hide the bulge in front of
him. He brought another shoe, it was a fancy high-heeled
shoe, I was calling it honor fog. In front of this view, the
water of a few has flowed, right? Anyway, my wife wore these shoes and went to watch
herself in the mirror for a month . She looked gorgeous, her skirt was even shorter because of the high-heeled shoes, in one word, she was gorgeous , sexy, my wife asked the man for a different model, and the man said that he was upstairs in the warehouse and added that they could look at it together if he wanted. .I never

I wasn’t from there, my wife said I will look at a few more models and she started to go to the
upstairs warehouses with the man, my wife started to climb the stairs in the front , while I was making calculations
of how I could spy on them upstairs. I was able to see the location of the room they went to, but I never thought anything could happen there because it was so around I started to go upstairs softly. The door of the room they entered was ajar, I looked through the hole and I couldn’t see them. This time I started to panic, I was thinking where they were, I heard the laughter coming from inside and I decided to enter softly. I glided in like a shadow and saw that there was a back section of the room. like a commando

I found a position for myself, there was no way they could see me from here and I started to
follow them. Mert Efendi was constantly showering
my wife with compliments, and it was obvious that my wife was affected by these compliments
and nice words . an open shoe with laces up to the half of the calves, it seems that Mert loved my wife’s feet and legs that she was wearing such sexy shoes. When I put my wife on her first shoes, she started stroking my wife’s calves while tying the laces, and meanwhile a few

he had kissed, my wife was obviously very pleased with
this treatment, while she was putting on the second shoe, this time she was going a little further
and this time she was giving hot kisses, this time the kisses
started to rise slowly, meanwhile,
she started breathing fast on my wife. As far as I understand the movie meanwhile, I was
bursting with jealousy. Mert was licking my wife’s beautiful legs
under her skirt. My wife now closed her eyes and
was flying as if she was flying
. The room was officially filled with the smell of my wife’s pussy
, the man was now licking my wife’s pussy because my wife was deeply
He started to moan. For a long time, the man lingered there, I
was thinking that you fell inside of me as a pimp. Mert suddenly stood up and fell on
my wife’s beautiful lips . dı. Mert leant my wife against the closet and started to have sex standing up, he started to press his 19-20 cm cane to my wife ‘s groin, meanwhile, they make love as if they were going to eat someone. By the way, my adrenaline is at max. Mert spread my wife’s legs wide and leaned his cane against her femininity and began to load my wife meanwhile little screams of pleasure.

And Mert hard and in one single move thrust his big straw
into my wife’s depths and a scream came from my wife, Mert started to come and go fast
, my wife was so wet that Mert’s straw was
soaking wet. My wife was begging Mert not to ejaculate inside.
but Mert didn’t care much that he didn’t break his mood at all and
kept going in and out quickly, after about 5 minutes Mert
started to ejaculate into my wife’s peach with a big thump. My wife ejaculated at
least 3 4 times in the meantime. Mert my wife walked towards the table in her lap and
sat on the table In the meantime, my wife is glad that you ejaculated inside me, it was very nice
. Mert was also surprised, he said if you get pregnant, everything has a price.
You have it, answer me. They stood for about 10 minutes in a clamped position , then they started to recover. Mert’s semen was pouring from
my wife’s femininity and
legs. My wife’s legs were shaking . 30 minutes later, the two of them came, they didn’t see me, but they had the expression of happiness on their faces. I will continue to watch from now on

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