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I am a 39 year old sex enthusiast. I also love to read your family stories , after
thinking a lot about an incident that happened to me, I
decided to confess it here.

I got married early at the age of 18. We are the same age as my wife. I have a son and
a daughter. My son is 21 and my daughter is 19. I married my son 2 years ago
and like everyone else, I had a bride, but what a bride. Mashallah
, my son was lucky. Mashallah very beautiful girl arranged! Now let ‘s get
to the main topic. Mashallah, my bride is so beautiful and so revealing that she even seduced
me, let alone seducing the men of the neighborhood .

One day, while we were watching TV at home, they came to us and my son
went to the market because I had work. My daughter went to school. I was at home with my bride when the lady went shopping in the bazaar
. Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law
told me to clean the house before my mother came. I said you know girl. Meanwhile
, I was watching TV. My bride started to clean the carpets.
Then to dust around. When he took it, my eyes were caught on his legs. They had such
beautiful legs, they were like milk. He did not hesitate, he
continued to clean on his own. Of course, I was immersed in looking at her legs and

He said that I was dressed too openly… Meanwhile, the room realized that I was looking at
me and was watching me. I suddenly came to myself, but it was
too late and I was caught by my bride. I got caught doing voyeurism
. I was very embarrassed, he must have realized that my face was red, he
came to me right away and I’m sorry dad, I guess it’s my fault. He said I was too revealing
. I said a little too. Then my daughter-in-law added, “Father, I’ll
ask you something, if you don’t get angry,” she said. I said of course you can ask, my mother said,
“Doesn’t I provoke you that much anymore?” I said to my daughter, your mother is very overweight and would you like to be with a
young woman? Of course, you are young, well-groomed
I said come your age, you will understand me.

Don’t worry about my bride Ayşe, father, believe me, I’m not angry with you, I understand you, she said and
continued her work. Then, when she came to the window to wipe the glass, when
the sun’s rays hit from the front, everything in her skirt
was in front of my eyes. She even looked fat. I was
looking around again and again. As Ayşe knew this, she was
closing on the window as if she wanted to show it more, but I realized that I couldn’t stand it and I got up and
went to the toilet. Since mine was well up and impregnable
, I took it out and tried to relax by pulling 31.

While I was trying to empty, a silhouette appeared on the frosted glass of the toilet, I
understood that Ayşe was behind me and was following me. At first I was bored
, I said to myself, but then I gave up. So Ayşe did this on purpose
and wanted me to be aroused. I’m a man, why am I afraid
, I ejaculated by clicking my 20-size dick to myself and suddenly
opened the door.
What should I see with my dick in my hand, Ayşe is stroking her hand right in front of me . He was shocked to see me like that, of course.
We didn’t talk anything. I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me and started
kissing her lips. He hugged me and we started kissing passionately.

Ayşe is satisfied with yesterday…Mine got up again just like in my youth days
. she bent down and took it in her mouth. He was licking his semen
in his mouth with my scars a while ago, I’ve never been so aroused until this age
. I said let’s do a tour before anyone comes. Ayşe
was satisfied with yesterday and fell immediately. So I licked that fresh pussy hastily and
started to fuck my dick. Even if my bride said
it’s slow, should I stop, I loaded as I loaded, and after a lot of tide, we emptied with Ayşe
. I wanted to get out of it, but he didn’t let me go. I
ejaculated to the very depths.

After we had sex with my bride, I felt regret, but at the same time, I was
happy. For giving me such pleasure at this age.

I took a shower after our fuck and Ayşe continued from where she left off
. I went back to watching TV as if nothing had happened. My son came
and then my wife and daughter came too. My son was very cheerful, they were going to go to Kayseri, where his appointment was made
. Of course, I started to get upset about this, because I wouldn’t be
able to see my daughter-in-law Ayşe much, but once a year.
Everyone in the house noticed that I was starting to think . They thought that I was very sad about the breakup, but I was sad for him and for losing
the fresh cunt I had just found .

I will tell you how the next kayseri pastrami is

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