binbi bigo

Hi guys, I’m cem. I will tell you about a sexs incident that happened to me 2 months ago
. My friend’s name is Ali and his mother is Selma. Selma
is a 39-year-old fake blonde woman with big breasts and a big ass. Anyway,
every time I went to the alumni, I would go to the bathroom and smell Selman’s underwear and
scold him. I went to them again one day. Underneath Selma Karşıma, she was wearing a mini
bra and a tank top. I was small as soon as I saw it, mine has
grown a lot. I was wearing sweatpants, it was obvious. Selma noticed this
and I couldn’t tell if she accidentally or deliberately
touched my dick while she was hiding behind her. Anyway, after we were playing Lol with Ali, he invited
us to dinner, Selma, then Ali went to wash his hands and I sat down. by mistake
I dropped the fork to the ground. When I bent down to pick it up
, I saw the underpants of the mane and I was very dirty, I immediately went to the toilet and emptied my
underwear. It’s been a week, Ali told me to stay with us and I said okay.
but I didn’t have a thought like fuck selma.
I went to them, it was 11 at night , we went to bed and Ali fell asleep. While I was going to sleep, selma came to the room,
mine was standing, and she stroked my dick while we were covering us. I went to the toilet immediately
, then I ejaculated once. After
I got out of the toilet, I said what should I see, Selma’s Door was Open. Selma was undressing
, I immediately filmed it. They started making love 15 minutes later, but her husband
‘s was not working. I caught the whole thing on camera. It’s Weekend.
On Saturday, I went to the family’s. Ali and his father went to the cinema and they went
to visit his aunt from there.
I said can I use your Aunt Selma WC ? “ Of course, what do you mean, are you a foreigner?
” he said. I entered, I prepared the video and put it on the sofa. The room was sitting on
the sofa. I entered and looked, Selma was waiting for me to come out of the toilet
. I got out and was going. He said stop, what did this video say, are you
spying on us, and he got angry, so I confessed almost everything. then
she turned around so I pulled down her sweatpants just below her and
started kissing her ass. she shouted at me so i immediately put her on the bed and opened her cunt and
tits and started to lick her on the one hand she gets angry with me on the other hand
It was for pleasure, then we kissed for 15 minutes and then he started licking mine.
It was licking so beautifully that it was so beautiful that it could be said to be indescribable
. then I started to fuck her pussy 20 minutes later she ejaculated I
was just coming to pleasure I immediately started to fuck her but her ass
was so big I inserted it hard then I fucked her ass for 30 minutes she was crying and I was
slapping then we went to bed I was just getting to fuck her but we were talking and
kissing at the same time. then i quit. Then we kissed and hugged each other in bed for 1 hour
. He went into the bathroom and I fucked him in the bathroom. Selma was my
wife now and we always kept on fucking

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