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I would like to say that I was particularly impressed by the women wearing
headscarves . The man’s name was Mehmet and his wife’s was Ayşe. But Mehmet Ayşeci could not convince him. Mehmet said that they were together only once a week and that his wife didn’t ejaculate, so actually Ayşe needs it. Because Mehmet’s dick wasn’t big enough either . We made a plan to persuade Ayşe, I was going to their house one evening as a salesman and we would have her for both of us. Finally

The big day came. When I got home, they greeted me at the door. I
had seen Ayşe’s pictures before, but she was more beautiful than her pictures, when I saw her
wearing a tight skirt and a turban with black nylon stockings on her body,
I found her so sexy, and I immediately thought that this innocent beauty
would moan under me, and instantly my dick was so high that the fabric
It was extremely obvious that I was not wearing panties under my pants on purpose
, so Ayşe’s eye immediately
turned to my tool, she was very embarrassed and she immediately turned away. I shook hands with Mehmet and
said hello to him and he was shy and extended his hand while I was shaking his hand
, he was very surprised. he was laughing inside.
Anyway, we went inside and we
started chatting with Mehmet so-called about the thing I was going to sell, by the way, Mehmet said to Ayşe if you want to bring the tea , Ayşe
went to the kitchen, I went to the kitchen and we started to implement our plan, so I got up and went to the kitchen Ayşe
was preparing something on the counter, I
asked for a glass of water.
his eye was always caught on my pants while I was drinking water I
pretended to leave the glass behind and rub my big dick on his back believe me he was shocked
like an electric shock and he turned to my face saying what are you doing he said my husband
will kill you inside he said I’m not making a sound so that it wouldn’t be a disgrace so I
said he’s dying to fuck you inside and he

At first
, I clung to his
. I realized that he was ejaculating there,
groaning in my ear and with a cry of pleasure, he said, “Mehmet”, but
when he turned his head and looked at the door, Mehmet was watching us from the door and
stroking his dick over his pants

She happily agreed. Ayşe started to undress at that time, but I said no, first
I want to fuck you with your clothes because that was my fantasy . Ayşe
left herself to me now, doing what I said. I sat her down on the
couch and peeled off her long skirt. I started to lick the part
from where it ended to the thong, he
was mad, please lick my pussy Mehmet
can’t do it, he said, first, I was putting my tongue in and out of his thong over his side
, he couldn’t stand it, he took the thong off his feet and opened it all the way so
I buried my tongue, nose and chin in his pussy 2 minutes later it emptied into my face
with an incredible scream, I continued non-stop. i did and enjoyed
I found the spot and started to lick it with my tongue
. She was turning from side to side on the sofa, she was screaming and her eyes were closing. I
looked at Mehmet with the corner of my eye, she was worse than Ayşe, her eyes slipped and she was rabid
with pleasure.
It was open like a big hole. I
grabbed his head with a turban and put his head on my dick. At first he hesitated
, he said, I haven’t done this before, I said, once you taste it, you can’t get enough of it, I said don’t
worry, and it started with hesitation at first, but
after 5 minutes, it was as if he had been waiting for this for years, a little boy’s first
ice cream He started licking it with pleasure and clumsily like he was licking it and turned to me.
He got up like this and said, licking big dick is really great. I picked her up 5 minutes
later, she stood up and turned her back to me, I slowly peeled off
her skirt, her turban was still standing, I made her look dope,
meanwhile, Mehmet jumped out of his place and said I want to do this, he
started stroking the ass of the truffled Ayşe, you’re the first to fuck this beauty other than
me He said I will give it to him and he grabbed my dick with his other hand
and started to caress it slowly started to rub it on Ayşe’s pussy and ass
. By the way, Ayşe couldn’t stand it, mehdim, what are you waiting for,
she said, I’ve left myself to them now, Mehmet stop, it doesn’t hurt like this, it hurts, he said
and started to take my dick in his mouth
I was surprised, but I liked it a lot. Mehmet turned to Ayşe and said I wet it for you,
my love, and he buried my dick in his pussy. Ayşe screamed because it was the first
time she ate a silt like this, I fucked Ayşe for 20 minutes
. Meanwhile
, Mehmet went in and came with something in his hand and said, “My love for Ayşe, I will give
your ass, which I couldn’t fuck for years, to the hakan because it gave us these beautiful moments
.” Ayşe was already flying, she was enjoying such a pleasure that at that moment, three more people
could easily have
given Ayşe’s ass and dick to them. He creamed me with care, I skillfully
got into Ayşe’s ass, at first she suffered, but then I thought it was more enjoyable from the back.
Meanwhile, Mehmet started to groan and while I was fucking Ayşe, the room
started to lick my balls outside. After an hour, I said I will finally cum at the end of an hour,
Mehmet immediately straightened up and said, ejaculate on his pussy. I took it
out and exploded like a volcano and left myself on the ground Mehmet
licked my sperm in Ayşe’s cunt as if he was dehydrated in the desert. Awesome. it was a

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