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My cousin , who is 19 years old and has a great ass, would come to us from Ankara in the summer . In previous years, I used to just watch it and
shoot 31 by thinking about it. Only this time I made up my mind to fuck him. I even
prepared and planned for him for a whole year. I was going to put sleeping
pills in his coke and put him to sleep and shove him in his asshole as hard as I could. And
I would ejaculate in it more than I’ve ever ejaculated.

He came to us in the middle of summer. The first week I just watched it. It was as if his ass
had gotten bigger. Those perfect tits turned me on. He had done his work that day
and was resting.
She was right in front of the TV watching those stupid morning shows. So I asked him if he would drink Coke.
She agreed. So I went inside and
poured the sleeping pill I had prepared in his glass beforehand and gave him Coke. He drank the Coke slowly
and lay down on the sofa saying he was really tired today. 15
minutes had passed and he was already asleep.

I went over to him, touched his shoulder, and called out. I did this process twice
and realized that he was very deep sleep. This provoked me even more.
I touched the legs first. They were super. Literally column. Then that
gorgeous ass. And her gorgeous breasts. Then I gently lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom
. I lay on the bed and take off his shorts and stare at him
. I’ve never been so aroused before. I
wanted to fuck her crazy. I took off her panties and looked at her amazing cunt.
I didn’t just stare at it, of course I licked it well.

He was still asleep and didn’t know anything. After licking, I came to the place where I wanted to insert
I almost forgot to take off my t-shirt and bra . After I did that, I curled it up and applied the
softening cream I bought from a pharmacy to my asshole. I
couldn’t stand it anymore. I put my dick in his asshole and shoved it with all my might. A
scream broke out and that was his scream.

There was also a problem I didn’t account for: he had woken up. Well, I could
fuck him like that.
He was taken aback and started shouting, “What are you doing?” I told him to shut up or I would tell his family that he sold himself to men here
. He was already naive and immediately believed.

Just because no don’t… But she started to cry. I didn’t care at all , I
was going back and forth in his ass. After doing this 15-20 times, I
ejaculated. However, I also made up my mind to fuck that tight cunt. I laid him on his face
and pressed the head of my cunt. He was suddenly surprised and
started to push my dick with his hand so that he wouldn’t do it.
In fact, I was quite pleased that he was pushing my dick with his hand . I couldn’t stand it, I stuck my dick in that tight

After a beautiful scream, he was now keeping up with me. Because she
accepted me too. After all, who wouldn’t accept a 17 cm cock!
I fucked him in the cunt many times and ejaculated in his mouth. It was really cool to put it in his mouth
. I’ve had this done a few times and ejaculated in his mouth.

But I couldn’t forget the pleasure of that ass. I
curled her up and placed my dick in her asshole. I had it with a quick hip movement and
heard a scream that wasn’t as loud as the first one. But I
was pacing in and out of her ass. My flakes were banging on your ass
and making clapping noises. I ejaculated,
realizing that I had to ejaculate now. And we both lay on the bed.

I did not expect it at all, but he told me; He thanked me for giving him this pleasure
I said happily , too, and I fucked her in the ass, ass, and mouth multiple times every day and night since then . I expect him to come to us next summer
and hope we will have different fantasies.

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