Hello, I told you before that we started to live a husband and wife life with my mother Burçin .
Now we started to get jealous of each other just like husband and wife . There were
nights when I even had to sleep in the living room because I came home late. One day I
came home early because my work was finished early. Screams and moans were coming from our
room with my mother. When I suddenly entered the room with a fury, I saw that my mother had a huge vibrator in her hand. She was inserting the tool into her ass hole
, which had already been opened up due to anal sex. I couldn’t stand it, and I immediately undressed and went to her . I immediately started to put my dick in her cunt. My mom was freaking out now, she’s behind her dick and my dick is gone

I only noticed that there was a different wetness inside my mother’s cunt
. My mother suddenly came to herself. I asked her who did you have sex with, and she said that
our next-door neighbor’s son knew what we were doing and
had him, threatening to reveal it to everyone. I wasn’t too angry actually,
I started licking his cunt with the sperm flowing out of my mouth. It was
a very different situation. I put it in the back hole and quickly discharged.

The next day, I asked my mother to invite the boy home for the weekend. My mother
agreed. On Sunday, the boy came to us at about 11 o’clock. When he saw me, he was
a little scared at first. I said let’s start and my mother started to undress the boy . The boy
‘s cock was smaller and thinner than mine. My mother
turned her back on the child and the child started to go into his asshole without any cream. At
the same time, I gave it to my mother’s mouth.
The boy soon began to ejaculate inside my mother’s asshole . My mother then
licked the boy’s cock to make him get up again. He laid the boy on the bed and climbed on top of him.
The boy writhed under her as she got up and down. His hands were on my mother’s
small, erect breasts. Meanwhile, my mother’s
I pressed it against her ass hole that was opened and full of sperm. My mom couldn’t stand it and she ejaculated so I left my
sperm deep in her ass. The kid
put my mom on the bed and
started to get in and out of her pussy hard by lifting one leg. was gushing. I asked the boy if he had ever had a gay relationship. He said he tried it once with a friend, but it hurt a lot. I told him, “You fucked my mom, you have to pay a price to keep this going. ” evident in his movements. I went to him and held his head.

I pressed it against my dick. He suddenly took it halfway into his mouth. He licked it very
well. My mom started to lick his balls and jerk off. The boy was licking
even hotter now. I said are you ready for him.
He said I don’t know. I told my mom to lie down and get her dick in it.
The boy started getting in and out of my mother’s. So I
creamed my dick well. I took a piece of cream and creamed his ass hole well and slowly
started to insert my fingers . After he started making gel, he was relieved. The boy couldn’t take it anymore and tried to pour it into my mother.

The three of us were at the height of pleasure. Later, I laid my mother and her on top of
each other. Now I was
shoving my mother and her ass

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