Anal bigo

Mrb I’m Akın 187 95 kg from Ankara I’m writing from Ankara I
saw a female friend I haven’t seen for a long time recently I saw a female friend in Kızılay
we hugged each other with longing we sat somewhere we started talking and
said she got married She said they could get along with her husband They both didn’t
mix with each other or something a bit deer we agreed to meet later

I gave my phone to her while she was working one evening, she called me at midnight and she told me
that she was alone at home and that her husband was out
of the ank and we made love on the phone that day. I ejaculated 34 times on the other end of the phone,
I went to her for breakfast the next morning , she
greeted me in a thin dressing gown at the door she was naked and she looked perfect

i hugged and we started kissing we almost ate each other we
started making love on the sofa in the living room i started kissing her lips and earlobes i started
licking her moans her breathing started to speed up her breathing started to accelerate

licking and sucking her nipples sneezing I was biting her teeth I went crazy she
went down to her belly she was wriggling like a snake
she got goosebumps under me she was licking with my tongue I felt her belly button I was licking her belly
button from there I went
down to her groin

how many times did her pussy pop soggy and so super smelly and her swollen
clitoris looked great she came out like a fuck she came out with this I
said fuck me with this I licked it down her legs I
turned it over I was licking it from the bottom of her back she was licking her
ass back to her back I was getting out of her butthole back and neck

by the way, he wanted to touch my
dick or something . now i’m starting to fuck

I was making hard and fast entrances after fifteen minutes go and come, I got out,
we both collapsed on the bed, he said wait and went to the room I was lying on the sofa and
piled up on the carpet I was lying on the sofa and the carpet he said okay turn around and close your eyes
I said okay he started licking my ass and my balls in my hole with my dick
he was holding a vibrator in his hand when I opened my eyes he said i will fuck you, you
ruined me

it was different for me, I said okay

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