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It all started with an interesting proposal from a boyfriend with whom I had a chat on icq for a while .
First he asked me if I liked group sex. I was surprised by this question,
I never expected it, it was a bald thing, so where did
this issue come from? I replied yes I like it. Then he said can you come to us
for dinner one night.
He said that we can meet face to face and meet my wife.. and he added that if
we like each other, we will have a fun night.. I
accepted of course
. My friend opened the door
, I saw it for the first time, of course I saw his picture before.
He was very warmly welcomed, his wife came to the door and we greeted him. Pleasant
a woman is a tall blonde haired and thin woman.. I liked her very much. She
asked if I was hungry, they said let’s go to dinner right away and
we went to the dinner table. These friends also had two children, they were staying with the friend’s
mother that night, and the children were usually taken care of by their mother during the week.
After a nice meal, we took our drinks and sat on the sofas.
The woman was next to me and she turned to me and said, “You’re very nice, Volkan,” and I said, “You are very nice, too
. ” he had such a pleasant tone that my friend immediately jumped out and said
, let’s not waste time then, let’s make love until the morning
.. everyone wanted it and what needed to be done was the start of someone,
my friend started it by placing a kiss on his wife’s lips and come on dear
We’ll make you happy
, come with the volcano and let’s see, he took her and me by the hand and took me to the bedroom
. We all undressed. and we started to make his wife happy with the friend
I was kissing her lips with lust and then going down to the breasts I
loved her nipples with small bites and licking and the friend was licking her wife’s crotch with her
head tucked in and muttering. my penis
was throbbing, it was almost as if he was dying to get into that hole.. the
woman said give it to my mouth. I did what you said, she. she was taking it very well,
after a long mouthful, I pulled the woman towards me and now I
wanted to get into her.. can you believe it was like fire, it
was burning when I put the head of my penis, it was almost a great thing. started to moan
her husband was giving it to his mouth, nice things were pouring from our lips,
how beautiful you are, you are so sweet , I’m so glad you
have it, everyone was respectful to each other, your friend’s penis was normal, that is,
it was the same thickness as mine
There was never such a thing as throwing ejaculate sperm in her mouth .. we ejaculated inside her, each time
from behind or in front of her, and once, both my friend and I ejaculated at the same time
. I was behind the woman and she was sitting on her husband,
so everything was almost full.
that night, we were all tired but happy when we were leaving their homes across the street in the morning.
they both had smiles on their faces of course.. what happened next
? I hope you enjoy these beautiful nights .

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