I am Tekin 37 years old, we moved to Antalya in autumn last year. When we moved, we didn’t buy air conditioning because the heat was over. Our neighbors said that it was too hot in the summer, we couldn’t stand without air conditioning.
Even in winter, the weather was very nice, we managed with an electric heater. With the spring months, the heat suddenly subsided. I’m already starting to think about how it will be in summer if it’s so hot.
The time had come last July. Antalya was literally on fire. There was no problem because the place where I worked during the day was air-conditioned, and when I came home in the evening, I was overwhelmed by the heat. My wife was constantly at home because she was a housewife and she complained a lot about the heat. We can’t even chat with the neighbors, we kept being told to get an air conditioner installed in the house.
My wife was going to the sea during the day with our two children and cooling off.We were all walking around in shorts and singlets at home, sleeping on the balcony. my 12-year-old son and my 15-year-old daughter have also attached let’s get an air conditioner because we can’t watch TV in the heat.
We forced the financial situation and had an air conditioner installed in the living room, my wife was very happy with the children. We were chilled out and relaxed, locked out of the living room. There was only one problem, the weather was nice in the living room, but when he came out, the heat hit him in the face.
When it was time for bed, I told my wife that there is an air conditioner in the living room, let’s sleep there. My wife said how will it be, the living group does not have a bed. So I thought we should lay a duvet on the carpet and lie down. The children said we should sleep here too.
My wife brought two quilts and laid them side by side. I took a sheet over me, put my pillow at the far end and went to bed. my 12-year-old son put his pillow next to mine and went to bed. His mother covered him with a sheet. My wife said to my 15-year-old daughter, bring your pillow and go to bed. My daughter slept next to her brother. My wife put the dishes in the machine and said I’m coming.
We chatted where we were sleeping until my wife came. We were going to enjoy sleeping in an air-conditioned environment in sweltering weather. My wife came with a pillow and a sheet in her hand, the last place by the door was left to her. He turned off the light and lay there.
Since I was the closest to the window, I reached out from where I was lying and opened the curtain to light up the room. We were in the living room, sorting the pillows and lining up the fish stack next to each other. Pretty soon we were all asleep. At some point I opened my eyes, my son went to the toilet, stepping on his sister and mother. Dec. When he came from the toilet, he lay down next to his mother at the entrance so as not to step on her again.
When I was about to lift her up and put her back down, my daughter turned towards me and threw her leg over me. I was lying on my back and there were sheets on me. My daughter had already thrown the shorts sheet under the combing on it. I waited for a while and put my hand on his back and stroked him on the hip. The device in my shorts is starting to wake up.
My daughter, who has just started high school, has a beautiful leg on me a little her izledim.Ne it had grown so thick and beautiful. I noticed her in a bikini when we went to the sea. Her smooth legs, her breasts that were just starting to plump up, were the kind to be bitten. Now that leg was standing on my dick.
My wife’s snoring was added to my son’s snoring, and my daughter was sleeping the same. Stroking her thigh, I put my hand down towards her legs. I kept stroking her very lightly with my hand from her leg up to her hip.
I waited for a while and put my hand on her hip through the leg of the shorts between her legs and continued to stroke her. Dec. I touched her panties with my fingertips through the leg of the shorts and stroked her.
I was out of breath, I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. With the tip of my finger, I lifted the edge of her panties and slowly moved my finger between her legs Decently. It was warm between the legs, I tried to stroke it Decently with my finger as much as possible.
My daughter was lying still, my hand was in her shorts, I just waited a little between my fingertips and my legs. Dec. I kept breathing Decently, stroking between the legs with my fingertip, touching my daughter’s holes.
When my daughter was about to move, I immediately pulled my hand away. When I pulled my hand away, he turned to the other side. I’m glad he came back because my dick under his leg was about to come out.
I waited for a while and pulled my hand away from my daughter, whose back was facing me, stroking her buttocks. My dick didn’t fit in my shorts. While I was fixing my dick, my daughter moved her hip closer to me. A little later, he came towards me a little more and put his hip against me.
I was still lying on my back. I lifted the sheet on top of me and covered it over my daughter and me. I took my dick out of the leg of the shorts and turned towards my daughter and hugged her from behind the sheet. I was rubbing him from behind with my dick resting on his hip.
I slightly stripped up the leg of my daughter’s shorts and reached into her panties, stroked her over the panties for a while, and then slightly stripped her panties aside. I put my dick next to her panties, which I stripped from the leg of the shorts, and started rubbing it slowly.
On the one hand, I was Decking between my legs, on the other hand, I was looking at my wife and son. They were sleeping soundly, having fallen into a very deep sleep. The panties I had stripped off came back between my legs and my dick was rubbing against the panties. Dec.
As I was stripping the panties off again with my fingertip, I whispered softly in my daughter’s ear, saying if it wasn’t for those panties. I was able to strip the panties a little too much this time and Decently shift between the legs. When my daughter’s Decapitation started to get wet, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I barely made it to the toilet and ejaculated there. When I came back, I turned around and went to bed and slept.
I went to work in the morning, they kept sleeping because it was a holiday. I called on the phone while I was at work, they went to the sea. I came home from work in the evening and they all said that they had a very comfortable sleep with air conditioning while eating and that they would definitely sleep there tonight.
I told him that I slept very well and that I regretted not having the air conditioner installed until now. We had dinner, coffee, tea, fruit, and then it was time to go to bed. While my wife was laying out the duvets, I filled two ice-cold glasses of coke from the closet by saying that I felt like coke. I gave one to my son and drank the other. By the way, my daughter said no to me, and I filled her in on one. Dec. I saw eye to eye with my daughter, I said, let’s drink.
I wanted my son to come to the toilet and get up. After drinking the coke, I went inside and went to bed in my place from yesterday. A little later, my son came and slept with me. I put a sheet over him and said let’s go to sleep. While we were sleeping, my daughter came in, covered the bed sheet and went to bed. My wife probably lingered in the kitchen for a while. My son, who was lying next to me until he came, had already fallen asleep.
I set my mobile phone for two hours later, just in case I fell asleep. My wife turned off the light and lay down at the entrance of the door. I started waiting as if I was sleeping with my back to my wife. Snoring started coming from my wife, and after a while my son got up to go to the toilet.
While I was waiting with my back turned, my son came, but he did not lie down next to his mother at the entrance and slept instead. Soon he began to hiss and fall asleep. My daughter got up in the toilet while I was thinking about what to do. When he left, I gently pushed my son to the other side. When my daughter came, she passed her brother, who was approaching her, and lay down next to me. He had slept with his back turned to me without a sheet covering him.
My back was also turned to my daughter, we gave ass to ass. My daughter put her hip closer to me and rested it. I turned slowly and hugged him from behind. After lying a little wrapped up, I started stroking her leg and thigh under the shorts. When I put my hand through the leg of the shorts, I realized that my daughter was not wearing panties. That was a good sign for me.
my 15-year-old liseli girl had no panties on and was lying right in front of me. I pulled out from behind him and gently laid him on his back and covered him with a sheet. I took my dick out of the leg of my shorts and snuggled next to my daughter under the sheet. Now we were both under the same sheet. I stroked her pussy over the shorts of my daughter who was lying on her back. I slowly put my hand through the shorts, yes, my daughter was not wearing panties, I started to palm and stroke her fresh pussy.
After briefly observing and listening to my surroundings, I slowly pulled my daughter’s shorts down to her knees. My daughter’s pussy was now under my hand.While stroking and fingering the lips of her smooth pussy, her pussy got soggy wet. I pulled out my dick from the side of my shorts and rubbed it on her pussy’s lips. I was enjoying it incredibly. When my daughter slightly opened her legs, I just inserted and removed the head of the tool.
Antalya was burning, but the main fire was in my daughter’s pussy. It was like there was a volcano inside. I put the head of the tool back in and started going back and forth. I can’t tell you the pleasure I got. I felt like rooting the whole thing and putting out the fire, but I didn’t. I just accelerated by vargel with the head of the tool. I looked, I reached the top, I immediately took it off and ejaculated into my shorts.
I stuck my head under the sheet, kissed and smelled my daughter’s pussy lips and licked her pussy juices. I pulled off his shorts, planted a wet kiss on his lip, and thanked him in a whisper in his ear and went to the bathroom. I changed my wet shorts and lay down in my seat. I decided to buy another air conditioner as soon as possible and move into our bedroom.

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