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my wife is 31 i am 35 years old my wife is white skinned and measures 110 80 100 and
is very sexsidr. my favorite thing is her ass and breasts. I told my wife to surprise
her and bought her 3 30, 25 and 20 cm dicks from the shop. When I showed them to my wife
, she got mad at me and said why did you buy them? And that
evening I said to my wife, come on, fuck you, my wife, and my wife said my husband
, not today, tomorrow. I went to bed and tried to sleep. my wife
was inside watching satellite channels, about 1 hour passed, I
woke up to a slight moaning sound and secretly in the living room towards my wife’s room, what can
I see, my wife took the dildos and put a mirror in front of her, she watched the porn
channel on TV and put 30 cm dildos in her ass and 25 cm in her mouth.
He was pushing the dildo in his cunt
with his hands. I was about to get a little closer, he saw me and he was growling without losing his temper. It was the first time I saw my wife like this. My wife was making noises and talking against the dildos (offffff, I eat these 3 dicks). I was even more horny. I had already sprayed retardant spray on my dick before going to bed . I’m standing in front of my wife playing with my cock while my wife was using the dildos more hotly. My husband said put your dick in my mouth quickly and I got the dog

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never gave me a fuck in her ass. How did she get that dildo in her ass while I was thinking about her death, I noticed
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I started to squat and fuck her to put it all in her ass. My wife was putting the dildo in and out of her
pussy at the same time. I immediately took out the one in her pussy and
we used our hands to mastbasyn
my wife. My wife accelerated well, so I started pumping from the back for about 10
minutes, then I got a little runny cunt, it was like a flame
, and then my cunt was on fire. I licked it well, I shoved it into her ass with all my might and
it sounded like clop, after a few go and come my wife ejaculated screaming and I ejaculated for a
long time. I was completely exhausted, I made a move and
ejaculated in your ass. And my wife thanked me and
said I’m glad you took them

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