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Hello, I’m Ayla, I’m 21 years old.
I am a sexy and attractive girl with big breasts, brunette, blue eyes . What I’m about to tell you is that this is absolutely true. Only
the names inside were changed. Anyway, I
want to move on to my story. The event I am going to tell is an incident that happened to me about a year ago. There was a
boy named Akay, whom I literally chased in high school years
. While all the boys in the school yearned to be with me,
this boy’s almost unresponsiveness to all my seductions
always provoked me more. After passing through the same way,
I learned that Aka and I went to the same university. This made me very
happy because in high school, they treated me with careless attitudes.
Akay, who exhibited at the university, became a completely different person
. We spent almost all of our time together and we got along quite well. During this time , my
passion for Akaya was increasing day by day, I
was constantly wearing mini skirts and giving free kicks to be with him. These
attitudes must have taken effect soon that Akay also started not to
sit idle, scrutinizing me at every opportunity, and making small harassments.
After continuing in this way for a while, Akay asked if I could come
with many people, girls and boys, that he was going to give a big party at their house one day.
I was already satisfied with yesterday , I
accepted the offer immediately. When the day of the party came, the phone rang.
Of course, Akadı
said that I can’t come to the party early and he needed help . This was the opportunity, I couldn’t have done anything to be with
Aka. I almost jumped on this offer. Just drop is aldım.içi my
lacy bra with me I’m wearing my new red thong take six to white
, I wear my black patterned tights and mini factors. I put on
a blouse that was tight enough to show my breasts and
I ran to the place where the party was going to be held.

By the way, we
were studying in
. After that, there was still 4-5 hours before the guests arrived. We acted a little earlier, opened some of the drinks and started chatting . With the effect of the drink, the subject soon came to sex, or rather, Akay brought the subject to sex. He asked me if I was a virgin. When I told him I was a virgin, he was very surprised . .how do your men get me to this day

He said he couldn’t believe they left him without a fuck. I told him that I
found the right man, but he couldn’t take the first step . Just then
, Akay clung to my lips . I was
a little nervous at first because I didn’t expect this move, but then I started to respond , we
were kissing like crazy. He was holding it and pressing it to himself . I didn’t sit still. I was unbuttoning
his shirt

I started to lick Akay’s penis was around 16 cm, but it was quite thick.
Like the women in the porn movies I watched, I was licking and sucking with enthusiasm,
making her even more horny with small tongue strokes.
After continuing like this for about 10 minutes , Akay grabbed my arms and lifted me up and
took off my bra, mini skirt and underwear in a flutter, now we were both
naked and I surrendered myself to him. Akay
laid me on the sofa and cuddled up to my pussy, my already watery cunt got well watered and I
started to beg me, come on man, fuck me. Akay
took my leg on his shoulder and rooted his dick inside me, I
can’t explain how I screamed at that moment, but this made Akay even more angry quickly.
He was coming and going and he was not paying attention to my cries

Then pretty soon we vacated in both Akay offspring of my chest
had gushed and impose my dick in my mouth, I lick, I suck a big appetite
Akai’s cock instantly became again like piles opposite me in a move
that want to taste turning my ass this pleasure to another man
would not leave söyledi.b completely myself left him what course
I was doing this
We made love in different positions for about an hour and a half, and then we took a shower together. After making love in the shower for a while
, the door opened and a boy named Kadir, whom I knew in high school years but had
never seen, came in. He had a nasty smile on his face
. reaction
He didn’t. He immediately dried up and came out and said I’ll leave you alone. I was
shocked, I couldn’t say a word, I ran and hugged Akaya. When I leaned my
breasts on his marble-like body, we both trembled with lust . That was my purpose in bringing him, but he was saying things like I didn’t expect things to turn out like this, I was in tears, I was still holding on to Akaya, I was asking how he could do this, while a tall, curly boy came in, and I learned that his name was Sezer, and Akay said, “Come on, brother, we gave you so much money, get out.” .Akay me from yourself

He took me away and went out and locked the door
. I was left alone with two horny men inside, but I don’t know if it’s because of my grudge against Akaya, I
was extremely horny, I said if the rape is unavoidable, I ‘ll have fun. Meanwhile, Kadir took
his dick out and started stroking me, since you
gave me that much money tonight, it’s yours. I knelt down in front of the lady and started
to lick it, but she couldn’t stand it any longer, and she
immediately ejaculated on my face. At the same time, Akay, who got undressed in the cesarean, screwed you badly
. I went to the bedroom after fucking kadire

Akayda said no when I told her I wanted her to join us, but then
they had to accept when I said it would be difficult, we went to the
bedroom like this and we made love until the morning, after a while,
other men came, but Akay was always with me, now I was his little
bitch and I was enjoying it and I fainted when I said that. I
don’t remember it happened, but as I learned later,
almost all of my men at the party were with me for money that day. That day was
the most enjoyable and tiring day of my life, but I don’t do this job for money
anymore. Akay, me, Kadir and Sezer, the three of us make love whenever we get the chance. I
finally managed to get the child I wanted, but ..

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