【素人・個人撮影】事後にお尻触り放題な女子大生 porno

I am a handsome and charismatic 25 year old male. The story I am going to tell is
completely true. It was 6 months ago, of course, I
run a furniture store with my father, I was sitting in the shop one day, the customer
came up and said welcome and
said they wanted to look at the furniture, so I showed it, by the way,
I noticed the woman’s eyes on me, the woman was both looking at the furniture and curling it as she walked
, and this aroused me. her husband looked like a very naive man,
anyway, they liked a piece of furniture, he asked how can we buy it in installments, so
I said let’s talk at the office and we went to the office, I gave him some tea, I offered him a
cigarette, the man didn’t smoke, the woman bought it and I lit her cigarette
I sat across from him, of course, this time the conversation started. The man said that we got
married 9 years ago, our furniture is so bad now, we said we should buy a new one, my wife
knew this place and we came here. ( ) By the way, the woman is 32 years old , her
name is Emel, and her body features are perfect.
We negotiated a full piece of wood furniture
. I said I’ll bring it and install it tomorrow, and
when the man said I’ll be at work tomorrow, it came to me. I did my best to be at home with Emelle
and they left and I came to the shop early the next morning
while I was cleaning and the phone rang and it was Emeldi.
He asked when I would come and I said I would bring the furniture in 1 hour.
He said ok and hung up 1 hour later, we took him to the shop close to their house right away??
The Woman Is Married But Can’t Get Enough of Sex?? We took her with our staff. I rang the bell
, Emel came out and said, “Welcome.” Emel was wearing tight-fitting shorts
. What I saw drove me crazy. Emel was
shaking her ass so much as she walked in front of me in the hallway. Anyway, our staff started to move the furniture, we were talking about
where to install the furniture with Emelle and we started to install it and it’s almost finished, I sent the staff to the staff so that I can finish this place and you leave the other furniture to the customer’s house . So I finished my little work, the only thing left to do was put the bed on top of it , and Emel and I held it and put it on. Emel liked it so much I said I’d go too Emel

“Okay, you’re tired, let me make a coffee,” he said. So I said ok and went to
the living room Emel made coffees and sat across from me and
we started chatting Emel started to talk and I was looking between her legs and my
shorts got into her pussy, my dick started to get up
After talking for a while, Emel came to me and the conversation got deeper and the topic came to sex.
When I ask Emel how are you happy with your husband, where will Emel make
me happy? He comes and sleeps at night, sometimes he does me, but it takes 10 minutes, he said, I
don’t enjoy it at all, he said, I put my hand on his shoulder, we were talking,
he was getting up as we talked, I said, “Have you ever had a scam,” he said, “Why doesn’t
your husband feed a woman like you? ”
Emilin was descending?? When I stroked it, it didn’t make a sound and her breathing
accelerated and she put her hand on my dick and we started kissing ( )

It was tearing my lips apart. We started to take off our clothes right away
Emel’s breasts were so great it was like she had never been touched I started licking we were
both naked Emel immediately got
dick She had a pussy like she had a pussy, I started to lick it. The room was licking my dick. As I
licked, the water was flowing from her pussy like a faucet
. i fucked my dick uffff be my pussy narrower i inserted the end of it
emel started shouting as if i was fucking the girl

he was screaming siiiikkkkk smash it, after a while we
both ejaculated trembling and I collapsed on him 10 minutes later emel come on
my husband fuck me in a domat this time he said immediately he took it in his mouth very nice he was
licking lick my baby swear at me he was saying come on my fucker
smash me I was getting horny and my The cock reared , I fucked up my dick and I was rubbing
my dick with my dick and put my coach I’ll eat your dick He was saying I’ll eat your dick and I
immediately rooted in your dick I was hitting your ass I was screaming I’m a bitch fuck my ass please my husband never fucked you

He was saying fuck and
I got it out of his cunt he immediately brought my dick cream and rubbed it on his
ass I said how do you know that in his ass He said he looked at porn movies a lot he said I put cucumbers from time to time he said I’m
sticking cucumbers in the ass I made a mess and his scream went all the way to the neighborhood when I put it
he was writhing in pain after a while he started to enjoy it yes yes very nice
bottom, root and tear my ass off she said we started to speed up Emel meanwhile it was
empty 3-4 times it was my turn and I blew
her ass off emel took a deep offff we put on our clothes 10 minutes later her husband came and
looked at the furniture she said it was very nice she said thank you, let’s have tea she said go, so
I sat down while drinking tea, Emel couldn’t sit down when her husband went to the bathroom
Emel came to me, you smashed my ass, she said I can’t sit, she blew a kiss I got up on
my lip I came to the shop We see emelle often I
‘ll tell you how I fucked her in the shop next time??goodbye, never
be without sex

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