Не дождался когда кончатся месячные и трахнул свою сводную в ее сочную писю porno

One evening I had to withdraw money urgently. Ayten, with whom I had intercourse before,
asked me to leave if she let her husband go to her mother
. She had taken permission from her husband. The only thing was , I
had to find a place where I could fuck him, or rather a secluded place to pull the car.
When I got on the road, he was fingering his pussy with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. Ayten said
I can’t stand it anymore and
went behind the panel van, until I adjusted the mirror towards her Ayten unbuttoned her shirt
and pulled her breasts out. He threw the kilos aside and was
fingering himself with his legs apart , but he
was so soaked that soggy noises were heard. with groans
He was asking if you couldn’t find a secluded place together, he was saying come on, I can’t stand it. My cock
was like a stake, I entered a street from the main street and
parked about 10 meters ahead. I even took my cock out while I was going to the back.
I couldn’t even bear to woo outside. I opened Ayten’s legs and centered my dick in the
hole of her pussy. and with a very quick
move, I hung on the ayte with as much strength as I had. Ayten
‘s pussy was burning like fire, I had fucked that pussy many times, but it was
the first time I saw her burning in such fire, Ayten was pulling her legs around my waist
, snarling and groaning like a she-wolf.

The shadows of those walking on the pavement were falling on us through the back window, we
could hear their voices, it was
impossible for them not to see that we were having sex if they looked inside. Fucking in this room was good
for me in
Aytene too. We were enjoying it tremendously. By laying me on the floor, Ayten got on me and sat on it like I was sitting on the toilet. I thought even my ballscrews got on my dick.
Ayten is getting up and sitting on my dick quickly. With Ayte’s groans ,
we were turning around in the panel van . Her pussy came out like a zucchini when I placed my comb on her pussy with all my strength, she said she was in pain but Ayten told me to keep going

legs jammed between the seats stretched out with both hands stretching her cunt from her hips she was making me
fuck I was trying not to ejaculate, but Ayten was squeezing so hard in her pussy that it was impossible not to ejaculate .

After staying like that for a minute, I came out and handed
Ayten the cloth that her husband had wiped the windows with, while she was wiping her pussy with that cloth, she was
licking my dick. Although her mother’s house is 10 minutes away, Ayten has been
giving me 25 minutes in the car and 20 minutes under me, and now
whatever we are going to do should be on the way. When we move,
Ayten was trying to caress my cock and try to kiss me, while I was fingering the ami I just fucked and sticking
my finger in her narrow ass. He bent down and
started sucking on my cock while I was fingering his cunt.
I was trying to cover Ayte’s head while passing by the people walking on the sidewalk . When we came to
her mother’s house, I had not ejaculated yet.
When he asked how long he had left, I gave very little answer to Ayten
. He asked me to pull over the room and continued to lick. As I learned later,
her husband called her mother-in-law and asked about her daughter . When Aytene said your mother is in the window, she was not even there and continued to lick my cock with great pleasure. He was pulling with such a vacuum that I thought he was going to rip my dick off. Now it was time. And while Ayten was licking my cock, I popped it in her mouth. Ayten, with great care and attention, licked and swallowed all my sperm, cleaned my cock in her mouth, closed my zipper, thanked me and kissed me, and got out of the car. It hasn’t been two minutes.

When my phone rang, it was Ayte’s mother. She was Ayten’s mother. He was thanking me
for what I had done to Ayten. I was surprised, I was fucking the woman’s married
daughter, she was thanking me. I learned later that when Ayten
went home, her mother asked why she was late, and she
said that I have problems with my husband, I went to Gökhan, she helps me, in
a way.

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